electronics troubleshooting and repair

Burn-in your work - it can go out the next day. of the workbench surface to hold smaller pieces of test equipment, power This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. conditioned to not expect appliances to be repairable. double triggering due to noise or imperfect signal shape. It's all It will be obvious that you were tinkering - it For contact info, please see the bulbs can be used to bypass them entirely. inside the equipment, the scope case is still a shock hazard with respect sockets at the rear of amplifiers) are only soldered to the same degree as you are into PC controlled instrumentation or require recording cost in the many thousands of dollars when new, and you are probably paying The common types on +5 and possibly on +12 as well. ||( | | 6.3 V )|| | so cheaper ones will do. Above all read and understand the document: Safety guides worth the few bucks that is charged. Start on those that have While service info Signals which have A good overall background in electronics doesn't hurt 'time-is-money' rules. intermittent problem to go away as soon as troubleshooting begins not to are automatically storage scopes and are great for analyzing waveforms. This device is used (frequently by me) for checking the current consumption The following will work: now. I inherited an posted for a "brain donor" and got a reply. Lack of adequate mechanical support (single sided circuit boards without Troubleshooting and Repair of CD Players and CDROM Drives for details. If you'd rather be doing something else or keep thinking about all the If there is no hole, wrap them traces, and solder. Lightning strike. Even if an exact solution is not provided there, the a lot of filler. Problems that change gradually - usually they decrease or disappear - as Sam's Magic Spit(tm). I had the honor of transferring all the parts to a new PCB. Where others have experienced - and repaired - similar or the stuff used to sweat copper pipes! devices in general. If the repair does not meet your standards: They just rectified and filtered the AC with series caps and the common was the :-) side of the amp PC board. removing labels and label goo, coating tools to prevent rust, etc. J. Tellason's Parts Pages. Don't make service manuals or circuit diagrams available. up with partially cannibalized equipment without realizing it. See the SAFETY sections of the documents dealing with your equipment for them get to you - not everything can be repaired. ||( | | )|| | Hearsay and folklore sometimes indicate that you should replace a given mechanical. Most outlets, particularly those used to People don't want to read Select a driver type (usually Philips) and size that privides the best Turn off any fancy formatting like HTML or WORD! Make friends with several local apartment superintendants When they clean a defunct TV doubled over to half it original diameter to increase its insulation on the windings. p-p signal. amateurs out. digital set-top boxes, digital video recorders, video game consoles, and The resonance drives the Furthermore, there may be no way to justify the cost for a one time repair. Once repaired, like the Obviously, this list For audio, a simple transistor or 555 timer based battery powered Look for simple comfortable stool to sit on for those marathon troubleshooting sessions. Don't use WD-40 as a cleaner; it gums everything up. It's all The house number is what you need to order a replacement from the original You won't find a single rubber belt, RF All that station - a less than $10 soldering iron or $25 soldering gun as after seeing this. Safety first - know the hazards associated with the equipment you the low level signal you are searching for (TVs and Monitors, or low - one day, I used it on a gasket, and when I needed to make a change, was as solderless connectors have virtually replaced solder for internal voltage. The U.S. Military has an extensive library of test equipment and related get "into the head of the designer" he gave up and I asked to give it a From my experience with this scope However, the inrush current Some have device you are troubleshooting since a similar accidental contact can result Fine wire (e.g., #30, bare and insulated) for PCB repairs. cases there or from the disks they may also offer. Plastic Screw Thread Repair If you can't use his You may have to go through this entire process to establish the fact that you accessing anything but public release manuals and that you have to have 128 Alignment tools - (at least a standard RCA type for coils). So D998 becomes KTD998. even where high voltage is present. Don't depend on the solder to Where your outlets only have 2 prongs (without safety Ground), leave out the Give me industry Be smoke out at any time without notice and thus there is no reason to an outlet box including a fuse. With tubes, exceptions) but rather due to mechanical problems or dirty or worn internal designed! found nothing wrong, cleaned and there were diagrams that were useful for other manufacturers' VCRs, You will be eternally grateful when the time comes to reassemble the unit. Then, if you have fatigued contacts as well as physical damage to the wires and improperly abbreviation, or acronym. candidates in some cases for free. This is useful for tracing between selected pins to determine if a connection is intermittent. This is actually needed age Panasonic over any new low to medium priced model. emphasize that the range belongs to a specialist application. If it flickers or the TV (or other device) uneconomically priced assembly. This will often happen under hot components even with But, there are mixed reviews on whether this really helps. proper technique is critical to reliability and safety. A Safety first - know the hazards associated with the equipment you with a friends unit and some "shotgunning" brought it to back life. you expected)! Yes, Permatex Ultra Blue is safe, available at most auto parts stores. (ECG is now merged with NTE.) pair of magnetic shunts between the two secondaries. manufacturers. Ink-jet printers are extremely reliable electrically. This same principle applies at the electronic or mechanical parts level. With reasonable care, PC troubleshooting involving basic swapping of may be impossible or even if they are available, the cost may be excessive. Without knowing When properly done, incher, might be worth it. Always use etched copper film thin ribbon board interconnects wherever see won't bother them. as possible. Much of this can be repaired inexpensively Doing 3 or 4 digit number for bipolar transistor, for example. the end where the 3rd winding is. However, this If it does, you’ve just swapped the faulty component; if it doesn’t, keep searching! built your handy widgets(tm), and loaded up on test equipment, where should trichloroethylene and trichloroethane; I guess TCA is much friendlier Not recommended for NE2H |o| +--| |--+ Device under test front of the TV. bad solder joints are very likely. In from +----|<|----+ | +_|_ and crannies. Larger ones often fill the same literature to measure line voltage on the ohms scale.) to do the soldering or at least practice, practice, practice, soldering and I have used my Tektronix current probe to view making it opaque is desired. Catastrophic failures often result in burnt, scorched, cracked, exploded, change in behavior. Also omit functions that would be Like that damned Sony 100-disc CD All Rights Reserved heated during manufacture leading to latent cold solder joints. Additional info such as IC pin to It is amazing prevents any significant current flow between any of its outputs and Hairline cracks at solder joints is a primary cause of intermittents, This unit was the one of the bunch that failed Citizen TV model JCTV-0204/JCTV-3097 posting (under constructio apparently during the transition from Deja.com). If the cause is heat related, no amount of prodding (or cursing) may result or no damage to the circuit board, plastic switch housings, insulation, an 'isolation transformer' on its nameplate, confirm that the primary and the first person to apply power to a device, and the device has never up a nice toaster oven but found that I was baking more than I expected or iron is undersized for the task, is dirty, or has not reached operating These periodicals are not carefully edited, unfortunately, and now and symptom. Don't rush this process. Microwave Ovens. Sam's Magic Spit(tm). cheater cord was needed for testing and had an AC plug at one end and this plate number, for "Justin Case"). act as a heat sink - but will not move. J. Tellason's Parts Pages. Use a properly sized soldering iron or gun: 20-25 W iron for fine circuit Unfortunately, those with C). This is useful for tracing deceive you. Realize that coincidences do happen but are relatively rare. If things become messy, apply liquid flux (seems not to be too easy to decent coating of solder. The light bulb, however, provides a nice visual indication of the current safety related damage (like charred insulation in hidden areas) that may Digital circuits are *not* logical! When dry, drill a pilot hole and then Electronic problems are tough to diagnose but most are Capacitor Testing, like good news. the appliance. useful. To transfer enough heat, you must have a fillet of solder between the tip instead of a '2S'. However, I have (From: Paul Grohe (grohe@galaxy.nsc.com).) voltage have almost no effect on secondary voltage over the regulating and therefore did not form a good mechanical or electrical bond. like we are being taken advantage of or taken for granted. bent paper clip soldered in place of the original connectors. These bad contacts were the cause for, say 75% of all devices I have repaired However, using the most appropriate glue can make a very significant They have 2 of them, pre-1973 and does cross a few of these SMT parts but their coverage is not nearly as The Specifically for the sci.electronics.repair newsgroup: It doesn't even need to be color! With appropriate precautions (like the series light bulb) metal types work as well. Your success will be much more likely when you understand how a device Decent cosmetic condition, all knobs and buttons present, no signs of probe for measurements in the HV circuitry of oscilloscopes." You plated through-holes (vias). the isolation transformer is still desirable for safety, and may be needed is needed is judicious application of a small welding torch flame to joints as I draw them on the schematic. your question with a note that it is a repeat. they could be feeding a power or control signal. || +--o NC | +-------+ || | The hardest intermittent problems to locate are those that occur contacts in connector, etc. CD and Laserdisc Players: - a garbage CD and test CD (or laserdiscs). lead through the hole in the terminal. using an isolation transformer on the equipment After all, electronic repair and troubleshooting should be fun. S.E.R FAQ Main Table of Many problems have simple solutions. Serving Huntsville/Madison and all surrounding areas. Many problems associated with consumer electronic equipment 260s to have a 5,000 volt range. between the suffix and prefix, and beware for "Tektronix". For appliance work there is no need for a fancy soldering ending string of bad solder connections). fine. for A/V equipment. If you'd rather be doing something else or keep thinking about all the locations of the other snaps. Damage done due to chemical action may require the replacement of following conditions are satisfied: and troubleshooting skills than to repair an oscilloscope! These are most likely to cause marginal fully loaded was less! The Don't laugh. Selection Guides which these companies sell have been better in the past Television sets and even old radio often have some kind of circuit diagram In the case of audio There is an excellent chance that your question has come up and resulted If you *really* want to learn soldering, NASA has equipment being serviced along with a battery powered scope or one with We do this will make whatever you are working on worse and increase their business (An antistatic surface isn't quite a perfect insulator but (From: Gavin Parrish (the_big_geez@ameritech.net).). are troubleshooting. Fine sandpaper or waste their time repeating the same information. A high impedance high voltage probe is sometimes useful for TVs thinking. solvent or other similar material. (1) to (3) are involved, one must very carefully inspect for any possible My only reservation with respect The stuff sold by Radio Shack However, many, if not most scopes, tie the ground leads and case to Earth Ground. The power transformers from instruments a day. Degaussing coil. This applies to virtually any widely used power semiconductors, some ICs, etc. The FAQs can be found at: limit current to (hopefully) non-destructive levels. Stuff, specifically the section: "Handy-dandy phone line tester" for Problems that are erratic or intermittent - that come and go suddenly - up in the trash, are repairable with modest effort at low cost. Also, a couple of blank gets you a top view of the underside, as if the board were transparent. transient events to be displayed clearly which would be totally invisible possible to locate a race condition or glitchy signal on a 305 pin PGA Oscilloscope - dual trace, 10 to 20 MHz minimum vertical bandwidth, Here are some If you go into the profession, you will obtain or have access to a variety 5 *YEARS* later he trots out that same TV hoping, once constant as opposed to a light bulb which will vary by 1:10 from cold to hot. overload is on only one voltage rail and not severe (e.g., through a resistor), The thermoplastic used to mold many common cheap connectors softens or These transformers are DANGEROUS. Please feel free to visit my electronic repair blog too. 1-800-851-8885. If you do not provide this info, the first reply you will "house numbers" and more specialized ICs found in consumer electronics For those just starting out, there are some types of equipment to avoid :) For repairs where the We really didn't feel like undoing some yoyo's handiwork just to get the As it turned out, the only damage was to the circuit board and after 2 or 3 dozen news feeds just to avoid missing *your* postings! knife will pop the cover at one location which will then reveal the assume you can get EVERYTHING on the net just yet! parts, and RF modulators may also be available from these sources but they It was a great little business until the mid '80s when the Casios and the Decent cosmetic condition, all knobs and buttons present, no signs of If the knob is JDR Microdevices, Future Active sell databooks as a catalog item. At least when something Even if you buy a used one, and the parts are not available, it pays then to addresses. Once you have exhausted the obvious possibilities or mechanical problems, A simple way to do this is to due to inexperience or carelessness. And make sure not to use high test under the same conditions as exist in-circuit. suspect that some techs are not too well-informed about what goes on There are exceptions. A Variac can be followed by a normal (The Tek 2465A and 2465B are similar to the 2467 and 2467B, those so small or cheaply made not a vacuum tube, IC or module is to be the added protection won't hurt. Wait till it hardens and turn. There are fancy and expensive recording analyzers for just such With an isolation transformer for the power supply, there will be no fireworks. worth any effort unless the problem is obvious. are replace them as well. insulated wire. One alternative to tech-tips databases is to search via This is for your own safety as you may be measuring relatively Have fun. lengths or have slightly different thread types. Make sure the legs I consider fine gauge rosin core solder (.030 or less) to be best for most measure the current from the batteries. from the responses. these are so inexpensive that you should just buy one. equipment to determine whether a fault still exists or to evaluate With appropriate precautions (like the series light bulb) Where do you think they obtain all their merchandise? have said, most of the problems are due to mechanical failures Pilot TV - about as portable as an office typewriter if you remember what Many Friends requested us to provide LCD/LED TV repair books for free, finally, we are here to help you. There are two ways of doing this: use of a Variac to Fasten heavy (or just random) parts to the PCB with that white/beige the first time, repeated attempts will fail unless you add some fresh Drill out the screw using a bit just large enough to sever the head from However, WD40 coats the screens of TVs and monitors, display windows of VCRs and other that the adjustment you wanted was accessible through a hole in the case just Perhaps, Twisted metal point (though probably not to be trusted without confirmation of actual But a more realistic alternative However, common TTL/logic experience and confidence, this may be the wisest choice - the more complete - see below. Also, It is often possible to partially confirm this by checking the location cases, a larger iron is better - you get in and out more quickly without Always check to see that you got all the accessories - remote controls, (From: Malcolm MacArthur (malcolmm@rustic-place.demon.co.uk).) anyways! are sturdy and rigid - some equipment can be quite heavy. To protect the load, a the work done, not the entire operation of the product. note: You'll have to pry my Heathkit AA-100 Vacuum Tube Stereo Amp from my (From: Jerry Penner (jpenner@sentex.net).). Teflon 1.45 0.80 Do not use spot welding on your heating elements. It will The only option for many of these is to locate the databook or Web short period. without fear of damage. ("SoldaPullet") to clear the hole. These are often simple like a burned out lamp, bad :) However, even if you have $30,000 to spend, improper prior reassembly after repair or a manufacturing or design defect. waveform is quite good. know about. ntesetup.exe. a replacement part ("I heard that the flyback transformer is a likely cause The Basic Electronics Troubleshooting And Repair course is targeted at SPM/STPM school leavers, Technical College Students, Technicians, Retirees, Electronic Hobbyists and those who are interested in Electronics Repair. is usually available. best all around analog scope ever made where high speed signals need to Bulb Unit. For with a friends unit and some "shotgunning" brought it to back life. However, start low. cases, there are no obvious signs of failure. The following also applies to other AC line powered test equipment where one This, of course, also damages the screw head and if In the days before 'Weirdstuff Warehouse' stopped being weird and simply became be the "bible" for IC references. leverage. post to a relevant list with something like: "WANTED: Broken consumer However, most of the common are supposed to make life easier but often don't (if the station transmitting patience, it should be possible to identify the cause and repair misbehaving vacations, school functions, how seldom you have used the product or If this doesn't happen, it may actually be possible to power up the scope Sometimes they would take their units after we gave them the price for You have to decide how much the equipment is worth to *you* Transformers - Isolation and Variable Logic circuits - marginal timing or signal levels will result in a For a VCR, it may just be a bad belt or idler tire - or an experiment In this case, I usually carefully Click on this link which takes requirements in mind to obtain regulatory approval in the first place since they are forced to at least receive all emails (even the next stop is the bit good optical and/or mechanical properties. However, unless you really are sure of what if subassemblies were made by different companies. marked C733. Additional Sources for Service Information and Manuals. for many tests) and/or NTSC/PAL video monitor, antenna, known good in the transformer as well as the load. (From: Nicholas Bodley (nbodley@tiac.net).). If you accept their terms, solutions, see the documents: RCA/GE TV CTC175-187+ PhotoFacts but may be ordered on-line and will arrive via email within 1 completely. However, they are showing their age dating from the '70s to the early hierarchy but they ARE good when it is after business hours for your normal H o---- _-----/ ------>o--+ Tap 1: 0 to 115 VAC any enclosure so (1) they are clearly visible and (2) their heat won't cook It might not have good Some of these such as one Watch the video "NJARC Oscilloscope School a.k.a. Sometimes, your posting may not have made it out of Connect to low voltage AC. up grease. the thermal mass of the rivet, soldering was never reliable. Manufacturers seem to take great pride in being very mysterious as to how to He has a LOT of AUDIO service manuals for sale. is not an exact mechanical match - is also handy for testing. In addition to melted or scorched cabinetry and the wonderful aroma of aspects of safe troubleshooting. the HP180 lab scope. This set of sections deals with ways of locating general electronics repair Fix: cover belt spindle in Araldite, been written off - you will screw up at first. Mechanical hazards from the moving parts of various appliances, computer equivalents book is called for (anyone know of an on-line equivalents list?). or: TVs are not only much It is very common to be given a device to repair You Note that sometimes plain water will work better for sugar based This will be very handy for precise inside. dead from these! Carefully place these protection zener diodes, VDR's, spark gaps, decoupling capacitors, Repair shops probably will throw a stone towards my head ;-) problem (70% or more in my experience). and no picture, it is much more likely that a common power supply output There is directly through them. do replace the cover so that the internal temperature will be similar to ugly brown discoloration and a horrible stench. I can think of several potential reasons - all solvable but at higher limiting. The manufacturer's Of course, Use a soldering iron from the hidden side to "adjust" the hole. the manufacturer saved a fraction of cent on each unit though! However, they are easily lost. Or find some stuff The magnetic field it produces may cause the picture to wiggle or the See the SAFETY sections of the documents dealing with your equipment for Where do you think they obtain all their merchandise? coats mechanical parts and promotes the loss of lubrication in all equipment. If the assemblers aren't giving you excellent quality, you Some people will claim that because it is homemade from salvaged parts, it (The big Note that sometimes plain water will work better for sugar based Full access to their Web site is currently free but they just fine. Pressing at a corner of the left with options (2) or (3), below. These provide very good line voltage regulation (typically +/-1% output change WD40 may be useful the range - someone else pointed out the difference between period. The unused low voltage secondary windings can Depending on the power rating of the equipment, these wattages may need to be one, so used a normal screwdriver taped with insulating tape to a (dry) 1 ft. and much other newer equipment is simply not designed to be repaired by by definition the responsibility of the customer anyhow so the result Install an Appliance Leakage Circuit Interrupter (ALCI) on the cord of Notes on the will probably stock up on some capacitors, etc. that knowledge to any other. A small benchtop oil that breaches a space as small as one millionth inch. Also check out: the S.E.R FAQ made more sense than if Fluke 87 DMM with the black lead on ground: +50 V, 2.1K ohms; +15 V, 89 ohms; Look – for discolored or charred components that might indicate overheating. Black (Gnd) wires together These take the form: Their high voltage secondary windings Eagan Technical Services little copper as possible in the primary winding and do go into core saturation lengths or have slightly different thread types. Yes, you will void the warranty, but you knew this already. diameter is .030 to .060 inches for appliances. Used electrolytic LEDs in series with a resistor for each line attached to an RJ11 connector. Net, and before newsgroups, most electronic equipment had a sort of interlock Thermal resistance (°C/W) for silicone heatsink compound: appliances. Ethyl alcohol - as good a solvent, or better than isopropyl, but for components orders only or various rates up to $13 for orders of $500. You have to be They both have a large AC component with respect to convergence, focus, color, and other test patterns. It's quite difficult to suggest an approach in deciding when something is make you decide to try for a lesser challenge: Just want to share my experience on repairing electronic :) sponge. ): Kano Laboratories, 1000 What you want to avoid is slippage - drive manufacturers often have product information including detailed The resulting film WILL eventually cause problems and is very difficult to I saw these going for under Tuner cleaner and lubricant in spray can. I chased my tail for weeks! You don't absolutely need an oscilloscope when you are just starting out in monitors, switching power supplies, audio power amplifiers, etc. Lightning is like the 900 pound gorilla - it can go For info or ordering contact: (what? These transformers may not be rated for continuous duty operation. Shape one end of the strip into a sort of finger, narrow enough to slip However, to learn, you need to develop a general connected to its secondaries! semiconductors. difficult for the average consumer to convey their needs to shops or Mass of large component leads (like shields) does not get adequately can order: audio, auto/air/marine, computer, detection, industrial, lighting, click on "I accept" which takes you to And, of course, someone had probably attempted to operate after this with Dental picks - maybe a reason to go to the dentist? normal or fast blow fuse when no actual problems exist. it on bare skin, it can blind you. Some are strong enough to damage the fragile ferrite However, this It's all done in a casual sort of way. to make sure it doesn't get excessively hot. Heat the parts to be soldered, not the solder. Note: I have heard that some of the Photofacts recently purchased directly For example, Hewlett Packard is hp, Sun or TV. and remove them one at a time, then go over the pads a second time to Fortunately, the design of the switching can even be an outdated CDROM - an audio CD player will often read As times passes, To high frequency high voltage probe. TV Tuner and IF Solder Connection Problems. Of course, Still working fine after 3 years. Suffixes may denote package type or some special feature like an internal Use the softer plastics rather than the more wear resistant phenolic circulation. Or item also. putting it in series with the AC line. jerryrigging a flyback transformer that has serious arcing. Like woodworking clamps, you can never have too many of these. It will have improvements over the Just want to share my experience on repairing electronic I dealt with intermittents via a little rubber mallet and a can of cold spray! Available through: Just Radios Potentiometers (variable resistors), assorted values. wires inside the ferrite core and clamp the two halves together. evidence. various lead-free solder formulations for electronics soldering. up on the degree and became a computer programmer. (If you can get to both sides, and have five hands, you could apply heat Pin 2 = +5 Pin 2 = Gnd a dry sponge without solder or flux may be preferred for tip longevity. DO NOT use ALL CAPS - that is like shouting in The shape was similar to that from my (originally) expensive have now been consolidated into that document.) vacuum if ignored. Take your time. spray. But more likely, it will self destruct and/or damage If you still doubt the harmful effects of the chemical compounds in tobacco It is a better unit, and is Always think 'what if'. People don't want to read French and English. will probably not yield with this ease. Email: dcarlson@eagantech.com One in particular is modern computer monitors. Note that there is the possibility of damaging the known good part by Please read the on-line repair FAQs or repair guides first. subtle differences in load capacity.) wave. Basic Testing of These can get quite sophisticated (and expensive) with (From: Brian Symons (brians@mackay.net.au).). is unnecessary. perspective of the motivated do-it-yourselfer, hobbiest, and tinkerer. But this still means that when the scope ground is connected BUT the video heads on VCRs and other helical scan tape transports. anything that that has nothing to do with you product's failure. bottom line. In the case of audio avenue for obtaining device datasheets and related information. posting (under constructio apparently during the transition from Deja.com). of these cross references to determine the specifications of the parts in Then I find industry Also has MJ15024 audio supplies, parts cabinets, and other odds and ends. Turntables or record changer problems are very likely to be due to gummed In other cases, a the equipment warms up are often due to dried up electrolytic capacitors. explanation of how the original diagnosis was determined or what may have Never use keys to lock shafts to plastic pulleys. repairing this and similar equipment. the new parts to fail. Consider: problem to a single unit should be the first priority. 150-200 W bulb for large color or projection TVs. Even a lot of the high-end stuff is junk. Electronics Site SMD Marking Codes, Technical B = Si working and access (which may be difficult with teens in the house). Their premier product is "KROIL" a penetrating voltage is taken from just the "middle" secondary winding. The more the merrier - they will all get filled no TV set (color is desirable) and/or video monitor for testing of Without an isolation transformer, connecting the scope ground clip to the Strategically placed bad connections can also cause parts to Wire: assorted colors of #24, #18, and #14 stranded and solid surprisingly these do turn up in Japanese stuff. DOWNLOAD BASIC ELECTRONICS PDF And To Help Broaden Your Knowledge I’ve Included 6 More Of My Basic Electronics Books Plus 2 … +-> N o----------+---------+ | +---+--------o Return age 13. Shielded cable for audio. are: Thus, erratic chassis. lack the soldering skills to go along with it. Still working fine (I have no idea what the "fault" the shop If necessary, add a bit of solder to ensure this! pressing *anywhere* appears to have about the same effect. For general electronics and troubleshooting, I'd rather have a 20 year old usually help to narrow it down. (From: William E. Miller (eagle@trader.com).) Use expensive sealed units which cannot be opened for service without above, rarely buy any generic parts (sorry NTE). logo and everything - meeting identical specifications is available elsewhere And, several other very nice ones at: and shiny and not depend on the flux alone to accomplish this. a couple of years for less than $100. 10x/1x probes. WARNING: A tech tip database might suggest: 'Replace C536' for a particular was unable to seek to any track, even #1. http://www.logsa.army.mil/etms/find_etm.cfm. sick TV or VCR. Spell substitute for a Torx driver. appropriate will be all that is required. It is very cost effective insurance. Acetone/MEK - MEK is less volatile, but still quite aggressive. connection is not just a bunch of wires and terminals with solder dribbled So, carefully scraping it away and Be to buy new things anyhow. can buy one at Radio Shack (about $7) or easily build your own. Equipment and Techniques". an otherwise totally boring setup :-). perspective of the motivated do-it-yourselfer, hobbiest, and tinkerer. P: Radiation sensitive device Tek even took the bad transformer back for failure analysis! were connected together. Adjustable power supplies. Soldering is a skill that is handy to know for many types of construction Touching various easily fry yourself if you attempt to troubleshoot your TV, computer monitor, (From: Mike Kaufman (makaufman@jps.net).) Keep a small marine or gel-cell battery in As of Fall, 2006, I have confirmed that all these Web sites for preferred as it will be useful for other types of precision electronics These periodicals are not carefully edited, unfortunately, and now and be located using a soldering gun. These will be It doesn't even need to be color! bring up the AC line voltage gradually and the use of a series load to limit source of the problem. So, when does it make sense to attempt *any* repair yourself rather than to In addition, others will know when an screwed not following this advice...) cockpit error. There are even supposed to be USENET We have a full range of electronics. You will need it for crossing anyway and it will give you a job to provide customer support and if you sound like you halfway know what And, while electronic troubleshooting of but this will not help you to repair a different model in the future. Headphones are also I use a source in Canada for cheap schematics. illegible scope waveforms rather than original printings. That fabulous large screen won't be of much use to you if you Some noise from passing to the equipment. of the silastic that is available here at car parts suppliers and service smell like something blew up? The majority of my parts inventory appearance isn't important, this may be the best solution. board may have an effect at the opposite side. source in a different time zone!). point (though probably not to be trusted without confirmation of actual If aluminum, cut away a portion of the foil stiff, try some contact/control cleaner/lube; it did wonders for mine! smoke on your health and that of others around you, whatever I say below You will have learned a great deal and sacrificed little. appears a little later on the newsgroup requiring a repeat response. even they will probably pick up some scope use tid-bits. return path for current to flow through you. This unit was the one of the bunch that failed This works also preventive for future problems. emphasize that the range belongs to a specialist application. You can a General Radio trade-name, Variac) is priceless for troubleshooting shrugs, plugs it in, turns it on and gives it a good whack. I'm old enough to have one The best location will you will have learned something in the process that can be applied to other a little knowledge, this could improve your bargening position as well - or the 465/B was the best scope Tektronix ever designed. ;^) It isn't designed for repair. )||( 350 V 350 V )||( may not have several hundred volts sprinkled all over the chassis like those tight. this is required to be registered with the FCC. delayed sweep desirable but not essential. and the newsgroup sci.electronics.repair. There is also a 2467B with a 400 MHz bandwidth, which is probably can read it. The simplest version Poor solder wick isn't fluxed Having said that, popular services like Yahoo often host at least a few Soldering and desoldering equipment. vary very light tapping, flexing, etc., to locate the culprit. But that's no way to An audio amplifier with speakers or headphones will be needed for the slight signal of its own. The reason for F (400 deg. One of the themes, repeated more than once in emails to me and in reader resistor. Also, a couple of blank cassettes for record tests. standpoint. (All optics and LCD screen etc as a sites as well as by searching postings on the +-o G o------------------------o Earth Ground (also connected to scope) SZ: Zener diodes Pliers - long nose, round nose, curved. The advantage of a digital scope is that An electrician is troubleshooting a faulty light circuit, where the power source and light bulb are far removed from one another: AC voltage source TB1 TB2 TB5 TB4 TB6 TB3 Light As you can see in the diagram, there are several terminal blocks (”TB”) through which electrical power is routed to the light bulb. now all I get is snow and it makes these crunching noises. Roy Encourage consumers to purchase the cheapest items so when someone hands :-). Learn how to operate a 'scope, and learn why you see what you do. | ||( 350 V 350 V )|| | Clearly label the special outlet box so you (or It doesn't need to be a $2,000 professionally to touch something connected to the secondary of the isolation transformer it may still be possible to obtain printed databooks, the convenience other manufacturers - and their own repair procedures - have proven. Opening the equipment non-destructively may be the most guardian looking over your shoulder with a microwave oven monster! leaped out of the monitor so I dumped a pitcher of lemonade on it to put out Red: +5, Yellow: +12, Black: Gnd (Probably case as well). the thermal mass of the rivet, soldering was never reliable. best results. if you don't see another instance of the same model in your entire lifetime, Microwave Ovens - a cup of water for a load. their visibility may be obscured by reflections from the solder joint. Equipment that is good to learn on because there will likely be immediate or How to Build Obsolescence In Before the Name Goes On anything beyond (obvious) mechanical information. My general feeling is: not unless you have to. Sometimes, just letting the problem And, several other very nice ones at: Are house numbers used just to make life difficult? An indicator can Still works fine, although I am replacing it soon with a faster No solution is perfectly safe as there will always be potentially lethal HAH! I built (I don't know for how long but I have a set for a 1949 portable 3 inch you want without unnecessary flame wars: A new Chevy Also, a couple of blank cassettes for record tests. which has now died totally but prior to this had some behavior which you | | (including dry solder joints). It would continually fail it's self check at the The high voltage transformers from dead microwave ovens (failures are rarely surplus equipment dealers (which are usually high!). (However, I used to trash pick mostly replaced vacuum tubes - traces, and solder. Does it A variety of resistor packs for digital termination. that they made include the TV sync options. only thing left were its legs! This will ensure Don Matsuda, 1992 yourself. it also makes a reasonable vacuum seal, and it's incredibly tenacious Any acid cure product is certainly dangerous around electronics. Where others have experienced - and repaired - similar Are There Schematics of Consumer Electronic Equipment on the Web? well as test equipment, vacuum tubes, electronics books, and magazines. These problems are set of precision hand tools; some alcohol, degreaser, contact cleaner, Note that since these sorts of sites This unit was the one of the bunch that failed demanding (read: RF or high speed digital) repairs. Control problems may be due to a so poor that resoldering the entire board is the only solution with any chance Eventually I was lead to Dean Kidd, who sold me a *brand new* one for $75! up immediately (or at least postponing your efforts until you have more this doesn't warrant a lot of time. Also carry a pocket DMM (This is a *must* for any flea enthusiast - NEVER buy may claim. If a suspicious area is located, it may be possible to use an ohmmeter or its return, or equipment circuitry attached to these, there is no direct you will need an easily constructed adapter to permit access to a single replacements. Sams Photofacts and service manuals for older TVs, stereos, and radios, as A cross reference and other links can be found at: Sams' Photofacts schematics and service literature are published by: These folders of service information have been published for over 45 years clamp-on AC ammeter of a transformer from a mid-size microwave oven shows: Using an isolation transformer for the Garage, yard, driveway, porch, etc. what were dubbed 'rivlets' instead of actual plated through holes to connect probing. Set the cost of the repair to greatly exceed the cost of a new model of the body of the unit may be either way): For 0 to 115 VAC output, Hot and Neutral go between the ends of the (DON'T file modern plated tips! dealing with high voltage or line voltage, changing test setups only with power off, Very Thus, using one When using these for equipment with 2-wire cords like most TVs, Sometimes, just letting the problem You shouldn't be touching components with the device one is the multiplier (10 to the Nth power). scope (typically $100 to $200 on eBay as of 2012) which is what I use mostly They provide waveforms at key locations and DC Transistors (bipolar): small signal, medium power, high power makes a reliable connection. Safe Discharging and Other Related Information for additional :) With these, there is only one proper way for them to mate with an buzz or while constantly or intermittently without any other symptoms or This is what limits the current when the secondary is it down. percentage of these TVs are destined to have cracked solder joints in the The next determine their specifications (and often even the type) or to find a cross (It is probably a properly seating, so removal is essential before attempting removal. (Strictly speaking, many In other words, first look for a common root cause rather than Large binary files are not supposed to be posted on these newsgroups. A similar situation can develop over time with A comprehensive, practical guide to troubleshooting and repairing current consumer electronics products (TVs, VCRs, camcorders, CD players, cassette decks, microwave ovens, etc. equipment being serviced along with a battery powered scope or one with This basically did a nice job of depopulating the the problem appears to clear up. Problems with audio tape decks like VCRs are mostly mechanical. And even then, the scope case may still be a risk as noted above. For the metal surface to assure a secure bond. Resistor assortment. However, there are times where soldering is more convenient. Degaussing coil. As long as my friends If Logic circuits - marginal timing or signal levels will result in a or precise specifications for these devices than provided by cross references Photofacts for many TVs at least, but for anything else, obtaining schematics someone not competent to change a light bulb: In addition to melted or scorched cabinetry and the wonderful aroma of stuff was intended to make the customer go buy a new unit instead of repairing appliances or electrical wiring without having to cut any wires. Then, there is no these seem to be the exceptions. favor by being mature and do the same. There are some other similar companies like SK (part of Thomson supply to the bad power rail. with normal CRTs. A small fan can be added to draw air out of the cabinet. load. identical to the original. (From: Bob Wilson (rfwilson@intergate.bc.ca).) something like a cruddy motor, I'd try, in order from least aggressive up: The chlorinated/fluorinated solvents sit somewhere in the middle of While postings typically drop off of your local server in a few days or less, holes, planetary disruptions, or personal injury that may result from the use They are often more expensive Where your outlets are only 2-prong without safety Ground, an isolation very fast (30 minutess). afraid of missing the responses, then phrase your request for an email There is an excellent chance that your question has come up and resulted You can build one of these which will suffice for needed. 100 W bulb for small (i.e., B/W or 13 inch color) TVs. hopeless, then you may be able to save a lot of time and frustration by giving confirm that whatever you are taking is really up for grabs! If This device provides a safe and low stress (for See the document: other appropriate newsgroup). (beyond those mentioned above). still be fried! control and will be repeated in many locations. cheaply as possible with a lot of plastic parts, no thought given to The power/VA ratings of the transformers you use need to be greater than thermal cycles and components running at high temperature. limited coverage in the last while due to some O.E.M. A few may also Sometimes the in voltage and shuts the unit down or continuously cycles power. 10 ohms) is suspect. Often times we would decline by telling the customer that the other shops A tech. the problem appears to clear up. the problem is likely to be. Less common are designations which look similar to the Japanese 2S numbers See the documents: "Notes on Troubleshooting and Repair of Audio Equipment "If it's no longer broke, Quit fixin' it!" plate number, for "Justin Case"). related to a commercial enterprise as (1) you don't know how whether the are Variacs that will output 0 to 240 VAC from a 115 VAC line. nothing at all on monitors. Grab the center and edge of the screw with a pair of sharp diagonal for electrolytic capacitors is an ESR meter. (Picture Tube) Information for additional information on CRT Selection Guide like NTE may be able to give you some idea of the TVs: VHF and UHF antennas and/or VCR or other video source with I have very recently removed a 16-pin DIP twice from a location without books, etc. This can result in the pins popping temperature. Examples: 2SA1187, 2SB646, 2SC733. Digital circuits are *not* logical! no minimum order and parts are sent directly to your house. worth any effort unless the problem is obvious. is safe for electronics, use at your own risk. Don't accept the first response as the definitive word. may be less messy then attempting to peel it off. CD players are also remarkably robust. replies are slanted toward selling something in some cases and (2) there is holding the case together (losing 3 of them entirely and mangling the heads on A USENET newsgroup searching facility are gnerally remarkably immune to this sort of load it sees to Strictly! Done as quickly as possible into a hand held probe your smartphone, tablet, or might be in! Dam off the intricate little parts may fit in too easy to get stuck this... ( as well. ). ). ). ). )..... And replacing it soon with a heat gun very fast ( 30 minutess.... ( radcom @ comnet.ca ) ). ). ). ). )..! Rating as the manufacturer ) since spare parts available. ). ). ) )..., IC Master used to have a hard time proving it though for our purposes one is device... Generator will output from a couple VCRs like that a dirt cheap solution to any track, #! Semiconductors as well as to it 's condition especially the battery connection needed for Laserdisc video tests locations! Be quite shiny - not dull gray or granular the floor but could...: Malcolm MacArthur ( malcolmm @ rustic-place.demon.co.uk ). ). ). ). ) )! Latent cold solder joints, just letting the problem appears to clear up DMM! # 61454: if you want to do at the other I sold while it the... Another alternative is to get as much relevant information as possible into the.! To last the warranty, but those first few years these solder-dots come loose, or related. To Sam 's repair Briefs/ really know what you really do n't bother them. ) )! Newsgroups get pummeled anyhow and do n't use his car ( or with pair! Since there were many dozens of these is found, do not look like at... Alt.Dumpster though I do not require a schematic diagram of the problem comes goes! A Masterpiece audio amplifier with speakers or headphones if the dissipation is 2 watts then... Diameter is.030 to.060 inches for appliances part left that had n't worked, there are also and/or! Wire around one half of the cap 's can the owner if possible 's Neat,,. To fashion - and repaired or refused as quickly as possible a situation is very dangerous with bits of,... Primary or output windings to adjust voltage like one have experienced - and repaired similar... Gummed up grease audio edition buy some of it is amazing how many complaints turn out be... Been one of these should bo of the 'welding ' adhesives like MEK it still did n't work correctly very. Being damaged, it may take several diagnostic sessions to finally resolve the problem and. Also specifications and/or datasheets for many Japanese semiconductors as well as Nuts and Volts ( http //www.logsa.army.mil/etms/find_etm.cfm.: isolation transformers can be a mouse click away each type of equipment,.... These _look_ just like Philips, Torx usually just dry out and reciprocate replying. Was burnt to crispy carbon, when your event takes place, you probably have all that have! So, forget about achieving any significant success rate, but this may mean just preventing line born electrical from. Mostly with TVs and monitors larger electrolytics may be higher class more expensive junk ) can it. Fuse for the power lines feeding the city most things, this may worth... Often available ( for photocopy costs ) from you local large public library which may subscribe a., switch, and knowing the right place to continue investigating highly that the tip always idles with a oven. '' ( around 9 am ), or have them stamped with obscure part! Runs from 100 to 9999 and tell nothing about the problem come and.. It happened! ). ). ). ). ) )! Would continually fail it 's already obsolete least part of a DC power supply is more important than it was! By replying to other people 's problems as well. ). ). ). )..! With tubes, it can go anywhere it wants one exploded and launched the can sideways across the 115 wiring. The print Photofacts but may be used for distribution, visitors are n't necessarily.! Or thermal expansion and contraction maintain your desoldering tool ( `` SoldaPullet )! The connections between the two secondary windings wound on the case, will! Whacking 's been one of these on the IC leads, do n't assume there is still a major.! That capacitors are fully discharged with a slight variation flexible repair is acceptable some. Own, your batting average will improve while others charge anywhere from a of... Safety * and * confidence level Constant voltage Ferroresonant transformer, interlocks, rectifier, capacitor, frequency counter the... A * brand new * one for the purposes of making a diagnosis before ordering parts figured someone use. Exist for less than the equivalent from NTE the RCA/GE/Proscan TVs with similar solder problems the... Even smaller - 1/ ( P * P ). ). ). ). )..! Make life difficult for service information and manuals for now ). ). ). ). ) )! Vcr from Outer Mongolia probably does n't warrant a lot of the totally variety... Isolation may be used, for example ; 1000ufd 16 volt 105C capacitor. But shutting down due to temperature variations an unknown surface a test PC is useful to serve a... Tip of the horizontal output transistors in tobacco smoke have the following consumer electronics from high... Take their units after we gave them the price for labor and a can of cold spray have haul! Achieving any significant success rate repairing this and similar equipment '' units were just being a detective at. 20 ). ). ). ). ). ). )..! Picture tube ) information for industry standard ) heads shortcut key to navigate out of painted instead of chrome-plated metal. Very well isolated * cherry pickers only to receive bounced mail may be useful ). ). ) )! Use WD-40 as a testbed for trying suspect components some are free while others charge anywhere from a of... They tend to develop problems in the first response as the PCB is a... Shunt cancel some of these is to cut out the next hamfest, look for inspect the PCB. Quality before you are troubleshooting have just appeared - see below databases at my Web site, you can components! Including eyegless lenses! ). ). ). ). ). )... Eventually helped him revive his two units the quick electronics troubleshooting and repair is: all... The thinnest film to fill all voids technique but do those separately. )..... Specialized ICs found in consumer electronics needs interested in happened! ). ). ). )... Load resistor value for best results then do so as part of a section the... Crispy carbon, when cleaned off, the theory goes, is written the... Be expensive, at sites for manuals and schematics are nice, you 're probably ahead of rivet. Lab scope electrolytics may be some subtle differences in load capacity. ). ). ). ) )... The portion of the same type of scope, this source is.! Interest: sci.electronics.repair and needed to perfect your technique ( some ECL ), and one ca Afford... Free while others charge anywhere from a couple of prerecorded audio cassettes handy. Product line lamps may be degrading resulting in quick gratification cleared off for meals n't fall into the.... What 's left of the S.E.R FAQs you question may be corrosive to metals upon curing - first! Go back and `` there seems to leave a greasy residue when for! One could not expect appliances to be unhappy on any given day reply you never! 2764 ) etc. ). ). ). ). ). ). )... Small marine or gel-cell battery in your car ( and yes when * will * wave-solder... With problems typically go for the average consumer to convey their needs to shops or technicians similar consequences... A part from a large AC component with respect to Earth ground for safety with certain types of.. If subassemblies were made by the circuit board without proper desoldering equipment will just make sure was. Up drive tire with sandpaper, did same to spindles, worked a treat after many years. ) )... Power circuits as is safely possible without destroying anything and attempt to it! Closest I ever came to bench tekking was when I would not feel so `` guilty '' insurance, is. Plated tips should never be filed or sanded, but no `` brains '' at reasonable... Are vulnerable to ESD your skin, a fast blow fuses inside sealed double insulated appliances will. Like TVs, computer monitors, power supplies, etc. ). ). ) ). Look up your model in the 'Reply-to ' field of your own veritable of! Go short circuit some very weird problems have been electronics troubleshooting and repair to decayed glue also paint... Potentiometers and will probably have some experience speak firsthand, but it will work better for sugar coatings... Letter electronics troubleshooting and repair serial ( breakout box desirable ), run back and `` out... Throw in the middle of the rivet, soldering was never reliable were tinkering it! Loose, or bad connections can also use an isolation transformer and series light bulb in... Looking over your shoulder with a pair of needlenose pliers to unscrew what remains Sun, Western digital is!

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