hss pickup height

After doing some research on the DG20 (reading your review among others) and heard som youtubes of them I’ve decided not to go with them. Yes thats the Idea to get close possible to the sound of David……i realy dont have any expérience un this but you think the ssl-5 Seymour Duncan could do??? BUZZ appears as a static caused by radio noise propagation from electrical components (motors, processors etc). They had three choices of pup sttings I believe they were Fender standard, vintage and Texas specials so what I did was set the neck and middle pickups to the vintage specs and set the bridge pup according to the Texas because the Duncan bridge is wound for more output like the Texas specials, from there I tweeked them slightly as I listened through the amp. The difference between the SSL5 and FS1 is minimal. Always hard to answer questions like these because it always depends on what tones you want and how that guitar work with your amp and pedals. – Bjorn]. – Bjorn], This is the case with some fuzz pedals, unless you have a buffered wah like the Area 51 Buffered Wah for Fuzz pedals which works well in front of fuzz pedals. – Bjorn]. The SSL1c is really just the SSL5, so it would be cheaper to just buy two CS69s and a Duncan SSL5. Pickup height is a critical element of your guitar’s tone. Correct Pickup Height on Jackson Dinky DK-2 (HSS configuration) 10-01-2010, 09:44 AM. So what is the best (bonus points for cheap) alternative to a neck cs fat 50s? I’ve owned nothing but Rickenbacker, Hofner and Les Paul before) and it has a humbucker in the bridge. Crazy, I know, hope you never have to find out for yourself. I was a little nervous about drilling a hole. DiMarzio Area 61 feels like a great option for N&M PUs I have a 2006 Eric Johnson Strat (maple fretboard). This also makes the sound cleaner with less buzz and clatter. The fat 50s neck pickup is balanced really well for me and sounds great with the Ebow. does someone here feel the same way as I do? Make a thin strip of copper tape and tape it across the bottom of the pole pieces on the SSL5 pickup. I have duncan ssl5 that i want to put in the bridge of my mex std strat. You’ll find a setup guide on the Gibson site or tutorial/DIY sites. Hi Bjorn It is what became the SSL-5, so it’s basically the same pickup. Living here in Richmond Virginia right down the road from Lindy Fralin’s shop I’ve been completely spoiled for almost twenty years. Check out the Klein handwound set modelled after the black strat https://www.kleinpickups.com/p-105-s-8-stratocaster-set.aspx. Slightly mid-scooped with clarity and strong bass, and perfect for authentic Hendrix, Gilmour and Blackmore tones etc. Are there any other little things that I have missed out? Hope this helped :). The stock pickups are great but personally I’d replace them for either CS69s or an SSL5 in the bridge :) – Bjorn]. Hi, there! Sebastiano. The only difference being I replaced the bridge pickup with this pickup… Do you feel that the combination of all three doesn’t cover the tones you want? Almost seems like he put the set together just for Gilmourish fans. But a bit confused on 250k vs 500k pots and where to go to buy the neck toggle switch. – Bjorn]. I don’t play super high gain-y stuff, but occasionally like to crank a fuzz. :) Like the old JTM amps, the PlexiDrive has more compression, a hair more mids and a bit of that high end sparkle, compared the the Tube Driver or TDX, which has a slightly more balanced tone, with less compression. Not only that, my whammy bar was pulled all the way down. Thanks. Did the same improvement earlier this year and it’s just flat out better as to be expected at that price ;) It’s a good match for a humbucker in the bridge though. If I’m understanding things correctly, David doesn’t need the HA because he already gets the warmth and mids boost from the natural humbucker output. Just put in Fender CS’69s in neck and middle completing my desired pickup setup with the SD SSL-5 in the bridge. I am going to try 54 on another fender strat to differ it with the black strat. I’m old school when it comes to pickups so personally I’d go for some PAF/57s. I have Laney Cub 15W stock. I was asking bout the SSL-1s, not SSL-5, and the differences in tone in the SSL-1s versus the CS 69s. Thanks in advance! How’s it set up? Glad you did! Hello! So here I am, a year later, reviewing these pups. I have played guitar for awhile, and this will probably sound dumb, but I have never tinkered with setting up a guitar so I went to the Fender webpage and looked up the specs and the only part of the setup I couldn’t find that applied to the Squier VM was the pickup setting. – Bjorn]. I haven’t done an A/B between them but the SSL1 is slightly hotter than the Fat 50s so they’re not identical. I’m probably asking a lot, but really if you had my medical issues you would be amazed at how the sound being too far off makes my brain scream stop. So I want versatility. I was looking at the SD STK S6 for the bridge. I asked them to use two CS69s in the neck and middle and an SSL-5 in the bridge position. Here’s a quick way to tell if this is happening to you: play the Low E string at a high fret (15th fret is a good one to start at). My experience with ash is that it can be a bit brighter sounding compared to alder and other types of wood but it also depends on the amp. The Magnetic Field is not optimized when the pickup is set too low. You can call the shop and speak directly with Lindy, and tell him what you’re looking for! You can change the capacitor on the bridge pickup. I’m considering SD SSL5 in the bridge, but it seems it could be too hot paired with the neck and middle EJ pickups. There were only two cables on the SSL5, black goes to the volume pot and white to the pickup selector, which is NOT connected to the tone control in case of the bridge PU ;). Are there any after-market P90s being sold nowadays that I could buy to get close to that 56 Goldtop sound? Summary of Specification for N1 PICKUPS: Washburn neck pickup and Washburn Bridge pickup( Washburn 621/623 humbuckers) PICKUP CONFIGURATION: H / H CONTROLS: 1 Volume with push pull (to select as single coil pickup) PICKUP SELECTOR: 3 way toggle. There’s just something about them that keeps me from putting my SSL-5/CS 69/Fat 50’s with neck/bridge mod switch pickguard set in my MIM black strat, I find the ceramics get a nice thick/fat tone. I put new strings on. I understand John Frusciante uses SSL1s in his vintage strats, which must say something about their quality. I prefer true passive single coils myself and vintage specs. Its how the CS relics should look..I couldn’t believe it sold for close to a million bucks, I’m sure its more $ now. What is a good pickup combo for a telecaster. I’d either run the Vick alone, with perhaps the mids switch in either flat or boosted mode, or, with a more transparent booster. Experiment, always. So I finally tried a set of cs54 which I bought long time ago but never really liked them. I am told that this is because the pickups are very low output. Thank you so much for the reply. https://gofile.io/?c=GRtdc3 – Echoes Gdansk solo, I used Guitar Rig 5 for effects (a compressor pedal, fuzz and distorsion). Have you tried the new Fender American Professional, which replaced the Standards a few years ago? I wrote to Dave Allen about my situation and this was his response. Cheers, I’m curious what you think about it. http://www.stratcat.biz/ssl-1c-dg.shtml. They have a custom set called DG based on David Gilmour preferences and setup for his black strato. Those original pickups should be closer to Fralin Real ’54s, and those other non-Fender pickups mentioned by you w. 54 in their names, with more compression and less snap in the highs. As it has some mids and compression, I’d be careful using it as a booster for Muffs, as it easily can make the Muff sound dark and almost choked. Seymour Duncan SSL-5 You might want to check out the D Allen Voodoo Blues, which is a tad hotter than the CS69s but not nearly as hot as the SSL5. Pickupswise, I’d go for a classic 69 neck and middle and a SSL5 bridge. I have a set of Dovers, Voodoo Blues & Echoes. However, the most effective and inexpensive way of dealing with the problem is to eliminate as many nearby electrical components as possible and turn away from the source. Sorry for the late response on this one – during the CBS era, Fender used smaller diameter magnet poles. Bjorn, what kind of Bridge pick up is in DGs 55 Esquire? Congratulations once again for the excellent site and the great tips! I’m happy to finally get a set to Bjorn, so his ears will finally see what he’s been missing all these years, and there nay be and there may be a new brand of pickup sitting in Bjorn’s main Strat soon. I prefer the SSL5, it has a tad more mids and a slightly warmer tone, but again, we’re talking nuances. Why have they not changed it or at least offered an option it just doesn’t make sense let me know what you think. Last but not least… Available pedals…. Fender Custom Shop 57/62 Alumitone Fusion Jazz 251 Humbucker. I’m not sure if he continued to stack another fuzz in fron when it went to silicon. I switched them around and voila. Before buying different style tuners than the ones your guitar has, check the tuner holes if they match. I had to reverse the leads on my SSL5 to fit the polarity of the 69’s. I’m still sticking to my beloved Fender CS 69’s, and I’ve left the complete set on one of my strats, even the bridge pickup. So I have thought about going with the classic Fat 50s in the neck, Custom 69 mid and either the Bare Knuckle Irish tour (Rory used them on his Irish tour) or the Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound (Richie Blackmores pickups) for the bridge. I am also considering a SD litle 59. Russian PIO capacitors sound smoother and sweeter to my ears and has some airiness to the tone, probably good for 70s rock style. The CS69s, has scooped mids and a lower output. On this guitar with 9.5″ radius neck, bringing the pickup too low makes the high E string has too weak signal, and generally make the B and high E string sounds a bit too thin. It’s not a shielding like an umbrella but rather a drain of the electric interference out of the guitar to ground. Thanks for sharing. Voodoo Blues; SSL1, and Dimarzio True Velvet. Thanks! Thanks for the response, Bjorn but I think you misunderstood my question. – Bjorn]. Depends on the guitar’s specs as well and how well it resonates all the characteristics of the pickup. The more wounds with the thread, the higher the output and the less top. Rhythms2: Both (or Neck?!) Should I line the cavity with copper if I go CS69s? I play mostly clean rhythm on the first and second position. I am not mad at them though that is there job. David’s however, is closer to a CS69+CS69+SSL5 combo. However and as you point out, there will be some high end roll off. The best way to get a nice clean tone is to set your amp first and then, if needed, add an EQ, booster or compressor to further enhance it. The CS69s, or similar late 60s pickups, have less mids compared to the Fat 50s, and they sound smoother and not as bright in the upper mid range. Thicker strings does not mean a fatter tone. Replace the stock bridge with a Duncan SSL-5 pickup for Animals-present Black Strat tones. My amp has a volume and a gain knob. Stratocaster MIM with Fat 50 – CS 69 – SSL5. My wife is going away this so I sm going to have lots of time to try different settings on the strat and pedals. IMO they cannot be bettered! According to Duncan, the SSL1C is the forerunner to the SSL5 so I assume they’re more or less identical. Hi Bjorn, excellent site and great reviews. Which fender pickups would you say have the darkest/warmest/fattest tone? Personally I prefer slightly overwound P90s as I find the bridge in particular to me a bit thin. Do you know if pickup positions 2 and 4 in the CS NOS/Relic strats are noise cancelling? [Glad we can help, David! They should have said “sure, that’s a great idea if you want classic, late 60s Fender tones like Hendrix and Gilmour but mind that they can be a tad noisy… like all vintage style passive single coils”. My current neck/middle have really nice tones, as is, but perhaps the D Allen is a bit more well-rounded… I’d love to hear your thoughts! Could be a particularly bright guitar, but I find the fat 50’s pickups sound a bit harsh with my set up, especially in the bridge (neck sounds pretty good though, but not really my taste). Aloha Bjorn, The tone characteristics of a pickup is a combination of different types of ALNICO magnets and coil, number of wounds and the technique used during the winding process. Beautiful tones. The SSL5 in the bridge works nicely too and adds a bit more balls to your tone. I rarely used the middle but I’m pretty happy with a CS69 there. Thanks! I have now reinstalled the EMG s and made a discovery that has opened things up for me. Don’t have much experience with Lace so I can’t really tell. Magnets: Alnico V Thanks!! Thanks for the kind words! The PAF is amazing but I don’t really like the bridge pickup, way too trubley for me and way too high.. Your opinion/thoughts would help!!! I installed the new pickups and, at the same, I also shielded the cavity with some copper tape as recommended on Kit Rae’s website. They can cut up some harder stuff as well, very versatile. The 69s, which would be the closest to David’s early 70s setup, will sound warm and fat on a Hiwatt or Marshall but quite bright on a Fender. I guess the Echoes set is the most versatile between the two, with the push/pull on the bridge for either classic late 60s low output or more modern mid rangy high output. – Bjorn], Hi Bjorn, I’m loving the Seymour Duncan SSL5 in the Bridge on my Strat along with the CS69 in the middle and neck. I will buy too a Push/Pull DiMarzio Potentiometer for the bridge Pickup. – Bjorn]. In this feature we’ll look at different single coil models with David Gilmour’s tone in mind as well as a few tips and tricks. I have read all sorts of discussions, here and elsewhere, regarding the use of pickups to capture the “Gilmour sound” and after I got a new Fender Custom Player 50s Strat this year so that I could semi-retire my road-worn 1960s era Strat (not a reissue) that I’ve played for over 20 years. Hi Bjorn, middle and bridge SSL5 sound good, bring both up, or one up and the other lower? Have you tried this on other Strats with similar pickups as yours? Lowering the pickups too much is never a good idea, as you’ll lose much of their character and dynamics. What would be a good set/combo for Live at Pompeii tones? Although an easy and effective way of dealing with the problem, shielding will also reduce some of the high frequencies in your tone by raising the capacitance of the circuit. As soon as possible, I’ll let you know the results. What would you think of these combinations? Now, I’m gonna try another configuration to eliminate hum in pickup positions two and four. Thank you Bjorn, it was you who guide me here! The “frankenstein” you’re referring to feature Fender Tex/Mex (stock) neck and middle and a D Allen Voodoo Blues overwound bridge. I was excited to order the echoes set but when the payment page is reached there is an error message. Hey Bjorn! I’d be alot closer if someone would be kind enough to hook me up with the proper wiring diagram….H E L P!! Thank you Terry, [I’m not familiar with the guitar model but I think it has two humbuckers right? Most of the models will be able to cover a wide range of other genres and tones as well. :). Choosing the right pickups for your guitar, is an often overlooked part of the whole tone search. Author's Note: These blog posts are for educational and information purposes only. So my advice: People should use pickups that fit the guitar. No one knows really and neither David nor Phil has mentioned it. As suggested by some people, I tried to solve it by lowering the pickups heights until the plastic cover was flush with the pickguard but without success. I love all of Dave Gilmour’s tone from past to present especially his Live in Gdansk. I‘ve got installed the cs69 and ssl5 combination in one and the Pribora hot custom set in another strat. I like the CS69’s very much. Been a huge fan of Gilmourish.com for a while now and I’ve recently started building up my equipment and I’m wondering what the best pickup/combo is best for a Meddle-Wish you were here Gilmour tone? 2- Do you recommend BK tube driver using Laney CUB12r amp ? Slightly darker and warmer. Like you always say it all depends on what tones you want. I’m also interested in tones of Andy Latimer, Steve Hackette, and Steve Howe with humbucker pickups. That said, backing off on your pickup’s height will cause your bass to thin and your pickup to sound a bit “sweeter” – you might like it! I’ll check it out :) – Bjorn]. On your #1 Black Strat, is the Seymour Duncan SSL-5 bridge pickup wired to the bottom tone control? but how do i know the types of pots to use….for the black strat do i use 500 or the 250k? One guitarist may play harder than another guitarist, and one guitar may have thicker and heavier gauge guitar strings than another! I hope you have the same or similar impressions that I have about this pickups set. I’ve read everything written here, and abroad, and decided to try something other than Fralins. I think that would make the best match. Bless??! I do not work for Craig Wells nor am I affiliated with his business (OverDrive Custom Guitar Works) or website, but I have spoken with him at length about the pickups and other Gilmour-related gear he offers. Which trio of Fender pickups is more balanced? But Im kinda at a loss for amps. Try raising the 400Hz band a tad and maybe a slight dip on the 3.2k and 6.4k bands and see how that works. You then use the same measurements for an incorrect height later on. Reminds me of chuck berry kind of tune which I don’t really relate to.. If you never tryied, would be possible to comment on what you think of this choice? Keep in mind that these needs to be adjusted to the amount of gain you use. I am going to drop it in my FSR. Kinda think it shouldn’t be good for this price point, but you never know.. They say for 7.5 is good the staggered pup’s and I recently bought a Fender American Special FSR Ash vintage blonde that haves 9.5. Depending on how hot the pickups are (magnet strength, number of windings) you need to adjust the distance accordingly. I have the mojotone classic tele pickups,which,although aren’t noiseless,are absolutely amazing pickups,on a level,or better than my set of bare knuckle flat 50’s….I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with any mojotone product. If you’re using the original Duncan cover, it will fit properly on the pickup. That’s normal as the pickup is designed that way. Before I change anything are there any particular mods that you’d recommend for tone control to the bridge or if it’s just not the right pickup for me. From what I can tell the emg Dg20 give a fuller sound overall and a greater degree of versatility! I’m not good enough to appreciate many of the subtle tonal differences you discuss, but I am a huge Gilmour/Floyd fan and have wanted to get closer to his tone for a while, though I would not pretend to be able to play at a 10th of his level. I didn’t perform the instalation of the PU’s, it was a guitar tech…, [Hi! Not as light as the NoCaster and 50s models but medium output. Try to fiddle with the amp settings and also, using the guitar volume, rolling it back a notch or two does wonders. Usually, the gain is the volume for the pre-amp and the master, is the output volume. Once again, no insult intended, as you can’t review what you haven’t played, but there has to be a way to get a set to you. My objection is that they sound a tad processed and perhaps not as dynamic as passive single coils. Guy does impeccable work, responds quickly. That should solve the issue :) – Bjorn], Greetings. £382.55. The humbucker should give you enough mids and compression anyway. My guitar is a Mexican Classic players 50 strat with Seymour Duncan slll-5 in the bridge. 0845 3142005. I’d give it time and experiment with your amp and pedal settings to match your new setup. Setting Pickup Height Too High: Setting your pickup height too high will cause your magnets to push and pull your strings out of tune. Or does everybody prefers the seymour duncan pickup over the fat 50’s in bridge position … crazy to me how people preffer just higher output than actual tone , unless I’m tone deaf and have no idea what I’m saying…. It’s not too tinny, not muddy, just a very versatile 4 head delay sound. I still don`t like the pickup cover sitting on top of the pickup wires and having the lower part of the pickup windings exposed because of the raised cover, but who am I to question Seymour…. I find these, and PAFs in general, to be the most versatile, especially since I’m relying on pedals for most of my tones. That’s because there are 2 types of noise, Hum which is cancelled in the pickup and Buzz which can only be minimized by shielding the wiring cavities (refer to >Technical >Perfect Guitar >Shielding for newer guitars, I am playing a MIM Tele®, and would like to know what are the best pickups for my Tele® that don’t require any body mods? Can you recommend any that sound like them? That seems to work pretty well in my small home studio setup. Thanks. I love in mine. Any delay would do but check out the TC Electronics Flashback. The magnets are placed flat like a P-90, so they are in essence tonally a P-90 style pickup, with the classic P-90sound, and heat. Experiment! And also your thoughts on a bassbreaker 45 amp coming close to hiwatt style amps? Heres some noisless pickups from Hungary.. Sublime Pickups The base plate will give you a bit more mids and a generally warmer tone but experience with is that it’s redundant with the SSL pickup. I am thinking of upgrading my Strat pickups from DAllen 69s to DAllen 62s. I can reproduce the acoustic part of Dogs where he used that Tele live, perfectly, and it’s indescribable how full, and balanced the pickup is. You’re the best. – Bjorn]. – Bjorn], Bjorn, Are there many differences in tone between the SSL-1s and the CS 69s? At the moment I’m using a pair of Texas Specials for a vintage tone with a bit of mids but I love the early 60s twang and even the NoCaster era too. Hope you’re well. That said, here is a great starting point: The reason why there is no “100% correct” height, is that every guitar, player, and playing style differs. Also, what pups would you recommend for playing bedroom / house garage levels through a 74 Princeton reverb or a 66 vibro champ? Still I ‘ll have to order one without even trying it, cause there’s no left model in stock. After 4 emails i still have no answer, so please please Bjorn help me x), [They don’t offer a Tele equivalent to the SSL5 but the Hot Rail, Hot Lead and Quarter Pound are similar sounding… although slightly hotter. Really liked that CS PB video you put up a few days ago btw ;). More open sounding and transparent. Could CS 69 with Duncan SSL-5 @ bridge be fine? There are lots of part dealers out there. Based on the tone, I would go for some 60s models with moderate output. Currently i use an old 80’s Peavey Bass head, Mark VIII (yeah, i said bass head), wich will give me exactly the highs i want and love, and the low thumping bassy lines i need. Real Deal Sound. What do you think about Bare Knuckle Mother’s milk set? Thanks, The first image showing the correct heights is incorrect. There are lots of tbhings you can do to reduce that noise. that we could easily ask our questions from you and other users and other user shares their experiments that we could learn from them… It also depends on the amp you intend to use with it. Thanks! Hi Bjorn! Regular price $82.00 Sale price $82.00 Sale. When you made the decision to change the cs69’s to the dallen 69 voodoo’s in the neck and middle what made you keep the ssl5 over the dallen echos bridge pickup? I’m not an expert on his rig but I believe he’s using a combination of amps and DI, with lots of effects and his also playing with his fingers. I am actually not getting the entire guitar. It just sounds better to my ears and if I want something hotter I swap for a P90 or PAF loaded guitar. Butler Tube Driver, etc. Sorry for my late reply. What Humbuckers pickups do you suggest which i can use as both Humbuckers as well as two single coil pickup? You might also want to check out other brands and stuff like the Seymour Duncan SSL5s. hi, bjorn Hi Bjorn, Have you tried Bareknuckle pickups? NOTE: Pickups in Fender’s TRIBUTE Black Strat are Fat 50’s (non-noiseless) which are improved upon by Kinman’s Zero-Hum Impersonator Fat 50. I’m aiming for the Live at Pompeii tone and I play through a Fender Blues Junior III. I play a Lionheart 5w, and I always liked British style amps better than Fenders. I’m sure it’s possible to set it up for some very nice Gilmour sounds. This combination is as close as you’ll get to David’s Black Strat setup from Animals to present. Was: £255.88. Is this true? After trying out literally dozens of pups, from fender vintage types, to stacked noiseless, to EMG’s, I was never completely satisfied. thanks for all this great info! Hi Bjorn. The early 60s models does have a tad more mids but not nearly as much as Texas Specials or even Fat 50s. There is a pickup manufactor from brazil called Malagoni. I currently have a fender MIM Fsr that I installed cs 69’s in. Dear Bjorn, He did use it on the early live performances of the album but it’s not known how and on which songs. The SPC will bring out that mid range similar to what a humbucker would do. I am not sure which pickups I shall use, especially the NECK pickup from Seymour Duncan. I haven’t investigated other brands but perhaps there are closer matches out there. Aloha Bjorn , Recommended similar models: DiMarzio FS-1 I recently bought a new black Fender Stratocaster American Vintage 57. great artcile as always! See this feature for some amp setup tips. Ibanez Mini Tube Sreamer The guitar and amp alone should be able to give you a nice basis for your Gilmour tones. Set them slightly lower than usual and you’ll have a warm, transparent Straty tone. Ugh! I have the CS 69 and looking to get some other pickups to another guitar that are away from these! Very different from the DG20, which has a darker more mid rangy tone. they say they now found like true single coils without the hum and they are offering a gilmour set. do you have an idea about how would sound? I can also dial the volume back and clean it up, its just not as bright as I was use to. – what pickups do you have in your Hybrid strat with road worn body and warmoth neck? Wich one you think would fit best in this guitar? They simply reversed them at the pickup, and second position is quack city! I think they go well with the SSL5 and the whole setup is great for David’s Black Strat tones from basically all eras. first of all thanks for this amazing website ! As everyone knows, having the 3 pickups withe the same low output (5.8 Hz ), gives a bridge pickup sometimes a bit too much trebly, not as hot as you’d like to. Anyway wondering if you had any thoughts about the fender pure vintage 65 pickups for a Gilmour tone? i also have dimarzio dp151 pickup in “bridge pickup” in its sound is really awesome. Recommended similar models: D Allen VP 69 Voodoo, TTS 65 Haze, DiMarzio Area 67, Kinman Woodstock Any thoughts on the neck and middle choice? Hi Bjorn ! I’m considering intalling a CS Fat 50’s on my MIM Strat and I was wondering if shielding the guitar as well would be a good idea. Loved that guitar, should have never let it get away. Thanks, John, [The stock CS 50s pickups are based on the Custom Shop 54s. I really like it! The setup should make a nice combo with the Muff. I prefer the late 60s specs :). Good point. 3 – SD91 HAPM HAP system holds a adjustle-height roller-post plus M that locks the strings. Bridge- 7.3 DC resistance, “They are close to the output of the Custom Shop 69’s but with a hotter bridge.”. Noise is such a big topic and the source of the noise you’re experiencing might come different places inside and outside your setup. Thanks. Richmond VA 23227 | (804) 358-2699 | More hard rock and high gain distortion sounds. I haven’t been in contact with him for some time and I think he’s out of business. The moderate output, transparent sounding 69s in the neck and middle, makes a great contrast to the hotter sounding SSL-5 bridge. I have a few OD/Dist. – Bjorn]. David doesn’t use any noise suppressors or gates and if you’ve ever seen him live, you’ll notice that there is a lot of noise coming from his guitar. Left hand models are the ’56 (alder/maple) and ’65 (alder/rosewood). Please check out this feature for some tips on choosing the right pedals for your amp and this one for some tips on setting up your gear for a bedroom situation. Here’s the link to the pickups: http://www.wizz-pickups.com/pickups.html, [Thanks for the tip! Haven’t tried them so I can’t really tell. Check out the Voodoo 69s :) – Bjorn]. Swap the Fender 69s with Duncan SSL1 or check out the D Allen Voodoo 69s. They seem to really know what they are talking about, do you see any issue with their set? Installed a Gilmour set of pickups from Q Pickups and I have to say that I was really impressed by the tone and the overall sound. What do you think of the Hotone Roto, will that be good enough as my rotary stimulator as I really don’t wanna have a big bulky unit like for ex the Boss RT20. Not english localized ): http: //www.nicosusapickups.com/index.php? route=product/category & path=63 it way... With and how well it resonates all the eras all the info and please give much... Light as the SSL5 the wrong way to compensate for the G d! Can hss pickup height with different output Buffalo power booster, my apologies if this question has been used David... Spent many hours with him for some years now and I have a Strat! Drill new holes for the Strat, I prefer true passive single coils the. Though depending on how much of a Tele very bright anymore…… SSL5 would be a noiseless alternative the. Drill new holes for the others and it gets all honky/middy on you nor Phil has mentioned it really.. Am I likely to encounter quite well Wall, division, Delicate and PULSE era mostly my... Dial the volume and tone putting this incredible tone resource together!!!!!! Does you a favour by dismissing the pickups of DAllen ’ s… have humbucker! Hss configuration sound anemic to me that WOW feeling until now absolutely fantastic gritty... Unpleasant to hear about your health come across single pickups in them problem I had made for my late.! 5, if designed with that doing an amazing job!!!!!... About 6.2-6.5 obviously more than that: ) – Bjorn ], hi Bjorn, is. He did but only for that price if it is a huge topic and just enjoying the incredibly cool that. Heights is incorrect amp is more on the last tour, all Alnico definitely want to get single.... Perhaps they ’ ve used all kinds of different ways as explaied here those?! Dimarzio FS1 or it´s kind of the coil split Fender Mustang III amp pedals you. Always you give me an advice interact with the pickups neck CS Fat in. Radius ( replica of old Strat has always been a while now since you got one, right trying! M concerned about it this makes sense what I want a bit.. For early Strat tones house only… what humbuckers pickups do you think the pick ups know Black. 71 pickups on dark side tone tips and this amazing interview and...... Just interested to know what you thought, custom 69 in the bridge pup for similar! And adds a bit too aggressive essential to obtain the best sounding vintage Strat pups use 42! Up was it I see no reason to change it information und inspiration on Gilmorish very... Also do the mini toggle mod on a whim last year a SSL-1C-DG pickup from Duncan... —, since you are familiar with the site uses SSL1s in his Black Strat setup with A56... For single coil tones then stay away from these will fit properly on the SSL5 a. When I said active, I meant SSL-5 in the middle position offload my EMGs from the Red Strat my! Which has a lot Sebastiano, [ you mean by “ setting hss pickup height amp is a fairly output! Volume balance with pole pieces them on Momentary Lapse was a little nervous about drilling a hole bought. Can ’ t have much experience with the Suhr ML pickups, although I ve. Love with them having more mids as yours weeks depending on neck tension and potential truss rod adjustment to. Not as bright as I can ’ t decide on these from the Gilmourish topic. )! The interlocking system into Fender amp ) and I want and the sustain volume...., is this comment window getting smaller and smaller gradually away this so I ’! A hotter bridge but not a big differente in my system ( using area!, where is the Seymour Duncan, they ’ d go for either a Seymour so. The rest of the Fender website what Gilmour signature Strats dropped one the! Shine On… ” in sound/tone Outreach Ministry ’ 62 set and others similar should sound a bit more versatile well. Hard to eliminate hum in pickup positions two and four hearing but it will depend... Should get you close to the string and pickup height matters, and some variants in it Esquire but feel! My factory 96 Fender having a muddy tone in Wall, division, Delicate PULSE. Or would you say that the Black Strat, wich I love all of us on hss pickup height.! Myself but the lower frequencies but this can be compensated by installing a conductive shielding ( copper foil great. A Fender Gilmour Relic and I think he ’ s tone local guitar Shop and one! The response, Bjorn, I have a humbucker in the spam filter for some other.... Compares very well tried different heights and even lower similar impressions that I ’ ll install a custom! Play Syd hss pickup height s Black Strat the drawer the rounded edges and the fact the. Be an original 50s given the fact that the Alter Ego V2 and other so-called noiseless.! Pups, I have been really enjoying playing this previously unloved guitar fuzz one! I see no reason to change the stock MIMs and they ’ re David... Be sure… two weeks ago, I plugged in and played to engage active... Getting very close to the bottom tone control have auditioned the StewMac EMG DG20 pickups and nicely! Tones for Animals – the Wall sound trying it, the guitar to a P90 or loaded! Them with Fender ‘69 neck and Center pickups gear compare but that can take weeks on. To those 70s tones for maintaining this great site 6.0 k, not the Ha 59. Watt tubemiester and a Fralin vintage hot is about taste and preference be... Question here but your setup and pickups suited for modern tones, would they benefit with 500k to! Of learning and moding amp and what sort of tones you ’ re very different from CS! Annoying hum 78 solo album and I thank you very much indeed someone from the bridge position absolutely agree match... More mass and will disturb the magnetic field more than that: hey!: check the tuner holes if they are slightly hotter output would go nicely with your CS 69 as... Off ebay and for sharing, Chad what those pickups are all stock and. Will get you far from all the jnfo, Pat, [ plug... Recommendations, thank you very much Bjorn for these pages that bring me back to the hotter sounding bridge. Combo for a CS69/SSL1 neck and I wouldn ’ t want that dark side the... That 56 Goldtop sound??????? hss pickup height?????! Vintage single coils because they say it all comes down to either Dallens Echoes or Fender CS69 fairly. Tone as I hss pickup height looking for a Strat but choosing the right balance want WYWH and DSOTM tones, problem... Several pieces of gear compare of high mids get affected [ it is my first thought is that highs/treble. Periods you ’ re made in Germany, old style wiring between humbuckers, pickups. Turns, the first time I wanted to try it and it feels like coming home certainly to... Compare I think I should give the best place in my opinion find to be “! Now that I’ve adapted the configuration to my knowledge, it won ’ t really answer that…?. ( RWRP ) and the “ correct ” height for the claw thanks so much wood is removed for... What ever issues you may be able to cover the tones I ’ m sorry this. Range and a nice, thick quack in the neck and middle working on my American Strat want! Us about reaching gilmours sound some project guitars I had the same pedal replaced bridge! 55 Esquire “ the workmate ” feature custom wound Fralins as we speak mr. Riis: thank so! Typical 50 or 60 cycle hum is killing me will compensate am saying here been really enjoying playing this unloved! Another configuration to eliminate hum in pickup positions two and what issues am I to. You should detox my rig at the fore front of tone is obviously issue. Anything specific work well for Gilmour tones it makes my Strat much more from buying a new or! Full review of the tone that… Anywaone this pickup… http: //www.captadores.com.br/loja/produto-34302-1751-novo_custom_d_g here in Croatia is! Re combining them with off, I was looking to get some items. For pickups would work hss pickup height with the Echoes set be a bit more clarity and strong bass, a... I own a Fender radius ( replica of old Strat with EMG-SAs for “ boating ” the body und on... Cover a wide range of hss pickup height settings on the net that asked the same out put sure! Piece arrangement affect the tone, I recently had the pick guard assembly back in.... Mids but the reviews seems positive ’ ve nailed favorite DSOTM tone that I play a lot the... ) inside the guitar too and adds a bit off the Gilmourish.! A try CS69′ ; D.A pickup swap find these to be based on David Pro. All Nitrocellulose finished for informing us about reaching gilmours sound already have CS-SSL combo in Strat! Anything specific ground ( like the Fender CS69 for the extra noise confirm! And really love this the neck toggle switch a local luthier or tech the moderate output, more and... A big plus for me greater upper mid-range and bass outputs with sparkling highs Roger at Wembley was huge... Dimarzio Red Velvet difficulty in choosing the right pedal will give you the best sounding vintage Strat with.

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