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Before this it was Supernatural and the Maze Runner. So please read this with a clear mind and I don’t mean to offend anyone, I made this list because I’m a crazy fangirl too, so to all the fangirls reading, you truly are the craziest and most special person ever. I got the Subtle Stalker – sounds about right actually. Yep. I gotta convince you, I really do. You’re not the “creepy” stalker kind who lurks behind bushes. The Hardliner . I am quite pleased with this! Is it possible to be all of these, cause I think I am! Obsession isn’t your motive when watching shows/movies and reading. Love your creativity. The waiting for the 6th book, the watching the horrible HBO rendition, ugh! Types of fangirls! Ahem… sorry about that rant… I loved this list and the quiz. The first time I took it I got The Creative Crumpet, but I don’t do a lot of fanfic stuff, so when I took it again, I got The Encyclopedia which was a little bit more me. I seriously had a dream where I met Dean/Jensen and said I was a big fan and he asked how many seasons I'd seen and I said I hadn't seen any full episodes but explained to him about this second-hand fandom thing: I love all the stuff on pinterest and get most of the jokes and Mirriam uses Dean's face for her AWESOME character Skata [I still think "Skata" when I see his face…] so I love Dean to bits. I will stay with them for life! I think I’m the Banshee, Recruiter, Part-Time Fan, Offended Defender, and the Fandom Collector. CLICK HERE for my NEW PODCAST with JACKSFILMS! It’s mostly true! I’ve also been known to be a Recruiter from time to time (but mostly for movies). A new album? I think the main reason I have to be a part-time is because I’m an ASOIAF fan and I just can’t bare it sometimes. We’re definitely due to talk about FANGIRLS. *sigh* Good times. AFSJDLKASDA CLEARLY I AM A BANSHEE IN THIS MATTER. I have been known to eat whole books for breakfast and talk extensively about the dark side and how many cookies it contains. According to your quiz, I’m the fandom collector. Because I have a secret* list addiction and and an Erudite complex**, I’ve got a new 10 Types List! Kitten has not moved.). I draw fanart and write fanfiction and do edits all the time! iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/j… SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/shaneandfriend… HUZZAH. But if I didn’t take the quiz, I probably consider myself as The Closet Nerd. 3 types of fangirls Type 1: New/Dumb Fan girls. I HEAR YA. Which is basically me. I rarely (if ever) re-read a book… but I will watch my favourite TV shows and movies over and over and over again. If you haven’t watched Firefly and you love great dialogue, you are missing out. And why should you smush that passion in a box? I'm totally a banshee mixed with Defender. XD. xD. You’ve seen your favourite show a million times. They can do no wrong. And also, “Gif for everything?” SNEAKY SPN REFERENCE, I got the Encyclopedia, which is true, but I’m also the repeat offender. WELL, BLAME PLAYBUZZ FOR ITS INACCURACY. I got The Subtle Stalker, which I’m okay with because that gif is HILARIOUS I chose twitter for my fangirling outlet because that’s where I live tweet my Avengers rewatch or get emotional about that one thing happening in season 2 episode 15, but really I mention or review my favorite things on my blog all the time too. THAT LITERALLY JUST MADE MY DAY. 3 Comments on The Different Types of Fangirls – Straight From A Fangirl I got the idea for this post after I stumbled upon two fangirls who were almost tearing each others hair out because well they were *HUGE* fangirls of some band member. They don't except crossover ships or people belittling their Fandom or saying another is better. The gifs? libra, zodiacfire, gemini. You must be a mind-reader , I am just all knowing and all powerful. Identify most with: Repeat offender, recruiter, fandom collector, subtle stalker and offended defender….I am all of these on a noticable level. 3 Types of Fangirls In the Kpop Industry, I classify fans into three different types according to how they behave, act and deal with issues inside or outside the fandom society. ), I’m the part time nerd. BUT ONLY BECAUSE I DO EVERYTHING AND I DON’T HAVE TIME TO SPECIALIZE IN ONE FANDOM. A rabid breed of human female who is obesessed with either a fictional character or an actor. You have fun. I'm glad you liked it. Yay, I’m a part-time nerd! I am definitely a Recruiter too though. You know those fanfics? Similar to the breed of fanboy. I don’t dump my fangirliness on the internet usually–I ramble to friends and family, especially those that have read that certain book or watched that certain movie. but I can be a bit of a closet nerd and banshee too. I’ve just notice that there are different types of fangirls. Never have, and probably never will. Drews, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), « Dorothy Must Die & The Wicked Will Rise // Oz just got sufficiently creepy, 10 Authors I’ve Discovered in 2015 Whose Wickedly Marvellous Talent I Quite Admire ». I just will. Which is probably at least half accurate for me. Captain of the rugby team or head cheerleader types. This was a fabulous, hilarious quiz, The other day in English class I came across the quote ” if I get a fourth life, I want to spend it with you’ and I squealed and I got MORE THAN FEW strange glances. For example, I am a combination of the Banshee and the Encyclopedia for the Harry Potter fandom. The Abuser fangirl is a very specific type. LIKE SERIOUSLY WORDS DO NOT DESCRIBE HOW MUCH I SIMPLY ADORE THAT SHOW. Fangirls Who MAKE All the Fanarts, Fanfics, Playlists, etc. There are a few different types of fangirls you will come across in your lifetime. I like to watch/read things several times because I enjoy reliving it and also my memory is awful. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. I identify with a whole bunch too…except, probably the Encyclopeida of Weirdness. It is kind of true…books and movies/TV shows are SO DIFFERENT. Some fangirls may be a combination of any of these, but one thing is for sure: they really are very passionate. I took the quiz and I got it! Currently she’s reading Alice and the Fly which is incredible and NOT narrated by Alice. ), YAY THAT THE QUIZ WORKED, THOUGH. xD. Some just call for extremeness and others for more laid back viewing. Fandom love waxes and wans a bit hough, doesn't it? You never did tell us…, *fangirl, oops I got too distracted by all the fan references. I’m a repeat offender! . XD. ^_^. I seriously never reread and it bugs me so much because I want to remember the delicious details!! And we’re not talking about a little squeak, we’re talking about outright HOLLERING. As always Cait, an entertaining, amazing post and what a fun quiz too , CATEGORISATION IS LIFE. I took the quiz and got The Offended Defender, which I think defines me perfectly. You're like an analytical fan! 2 kind of fangirl annoys me a little – or bores me. There is no bounds to your knowledge about a show or book or movie. I got the subtle stalker from the quiz.Which I agree with.I know every single thing about my actors.I am also the Encyclopaedia (did I spell that right?) You like to convert people. XD, Part-time nerd. Plus you get ALL the fandom references. GAH. I got The Creative Crumpet. GIF USAGE WAS PERFECT. Download Image. haha I got The Encyclopedia… which is weird because I was sure I’d get The Repeat Offender…. DOESN'T THIS JUST MAKE YOU THE MOST ULTIMATE FAN OF EVER THEN?!! Just look the ‘curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal’ scene) and I’d also put myself in the fandoms for Game Of Thrones (books and TV show), Community (#sixseasonsandamovie), Breaking Bad and Mortal Engines (I think I’m the only one in this one though. Probably somewhat true since I’m not really online anywhere other than goodreads, but I’d claim to be a combination of that, the closet nerd and the fandom collector because I’m a fan of many things but, in my group of real life friends, there are only really two of us who are geeks (I don’t know why, but I always think nerds like schoolwork and geeks are a slightly less insane type of fangirl. Like, do you secretly watch my every move or something? OMG I LOVE SUPERNATURAL SO MUCH I COULD SHRIEK. You're still definitely a fabulous fangirl. And kinda true for my non-book fandoms. GIFS ARE LIFE. Pfft, of COURSE I am a genius. DEAN IS LIFE. lol! I got creative crumpet!! I’m not a very vocal fangirl, but I am really obsessed with a lot of things. BUT OH WELL. Pfft, why am I asking permission. Your email address will not be published. fandoms. OMG I'm like a Banshee online. The Different Types of Fangirls 11:00. This was my last one since I've done writer, blogger, reader, and fangirl now. She has countless folders of photos saved on her computer, the complete filmography of the actor, the complete discography of the singer (including any album they feature on) and will constantly defend her ‘babies’ to anyone who says a bad word against them. And that’s not even because they would think I was weird; they actually want me to be more fangirly because they are all hardcore fangirls of something. This is BRILLIANT! Hahaha, I’m glad you liked the quiz, Hana!! Too poor to be the fandom collector, but I would love have enough money to be one, one day, haha. I TOTALLY WAS. I reread my favourites again and again… and rewatch my favourites a million times. The Ultimate Fangirl. And um, I don’t think it would be hard to guess my fandom. xD, OH LORD I NEEDED THIS POST IN MY LIFE <3 I'm apparently a walking encyclopedia of weirdness and I'M SO HAPPEH BECAUSE THAT'S ME XD *flails*. Okay, I'm not too bad IRL (I'm actually rather quiet) but online I definitely go Banshee. ahahah. They also don’t but pricey concert … I’m like, “aaawwww yeah. , id say I’m a recruiter, with a hint of subtle stalker, with the occasional banshee moment , The occasional banshee moment is completely understandable. How did the quiz go? xD, I am definitely an encyclopedia of weirdness, ai yi. Ahhh, subduedness is understandable. I’ve always loved your top ten lists,and this is awesome! She doesn't. Haha I am sooo the Recruiter. And sheesh you're about to convert ME to watching The 100, you Recruiter, you. When I love something a lot I will love it, and while I like knowing more stuff about it I don’t have to shout it out everywhere for everyone to know. All Answers May Vary And Results Were Made For True Fangirls! If someone can’t remember that little detail — PAUSE EVERYTHING — you’ve got this. Although, to be honest, her number one fandom is always going to be Supernatural. Which is true, for many of my bookish fandoms. You totally love how adorable they are when not acting which makes you love their acting even more. Now they are as obsessed as I am. I'm like a part-time-Banshee. If You Dont Like Your Results Take It Again :) Ready? ALSO YAY FOR PART-TIME-FANS. Yep, I would have to say that is pretty accurate. Or perhaps you’re a fangirl yourself - if so, which type are you? We’ve both read the Harry Potter series several times and she says things and I’m like ‘Whuuut? I always have fun finding gifs. My little sister is definitely a subtle stalker. Good times. I can see it. 3/6/2014 0 Comments *sighs* Ah fangirls, the most dangerous wild animals on the planet. Definitely sounds like me. I've just notice that there are different types of fangirls. Before doing the quiz I thought myself a mix of The Encyclopaedia and The Recruiter. :') Good times. Which is true but I feel like I am every shape and form of all these types of fan girls except #7, im sort of a mixer , but i think i identify more to fandom collector than what the test gave me ( Stalker ). I thought I was the part-time fan/nerd and then I took your quiz and it gave me the same response. But omg, Recruiting is sooo much fun. I have so many friends sobbing over Supernatural after I converted them. . Well done on such a entertaining post, when I opened my email subscription I was immediately hooked by “The Banshee” because I hadn’t heard that before! I got repeat offender, and I do love to reread…. Seriously, I have more fandoms than I can keep a track of and I join new ones all. <3 I mean, if I love something, why would I only read/watch it ONE time!? Let it out! Finally a way to express/catagerorise in some way the extent of our devotion to some of our favourite fandoms. I need a clone or the fountain of youth. Mwuahahahaha.” I’m the reason most of my family and friends are as geeky as they are. I love quizzes! This was possibly one iof the most relatable things i have ever read IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!! XD. Ah, this is perfect and so accurate! The Obsessor is the most recognisable fangirl. I'm a bit of a closet-nerd when it comes to wearing my Superhero shirts…I only ever wear them when I know I'm alone. When a new author took over my favorite series, I noticed Every. of weirdness,because I also know the intricate details of my fandom.And the creative crumpet because fanfiction used to be my life!I don’t write anymore,but back when I was a preteen I wrote a lot. WELL, HUZZAH!!! I think I’m a mix of The Banshee, The Recruiter and the Offended Defender and the yeah…. Read Types of Fangirls from the story Zodiac 2 by themangostyles (♡) with 1,750 reads. Must go take it……, Okay, I got the part time nerd, which definitely makes sense for me. Read More…, Copyright © 2020  Paper Fury  ·|·  C.G. xD Every time someone says “Oh I'm in Such-And-Such fandom” I'm always like “Lemme check that out.” XD, I got the Creative Crumpet which totally suits me! I’ve recruited like 7 of my friends (including my dad) to the Sherlock fandom by sitting them down and making them watch the first episode with me. Did you miss any? 'Scuse me. I can totally fit all of my fangirl friends into one of these categories. (You’re also laughing at their pain because you’re a veteran and these greenies are having their hearts ripped on for the first time. Which doesn’t surprise me considering how many times I’ve read Harry Potter, that’s for sure (also, I noticed that sneaky Supernatural reference in the quiz, niiiiice). Thanks! I WAS SNEAKY. Shout long and clear! Ha, I am a cross between a banshee and a recruiter. I RELATE TO ALMOST ALL OF THEM. I’m gonna check that out next. Seriously, I belong to the fangirl clique and every single one of the members in our group can perfectly fit into one if these categories. First, the Casual fan. Like I would say I’m a closet Supernatural fangirl (because let’s face it, that fandom is cray-cray) but I am such a Queen’s Thief Recruiter. I am so many of these… But on the quiz I got “The Fandom Collector”. That’s just how I do! 6. Also I’m totally the Repeat Offender, I can’t count the number of times I’ve read TMI and TID and Throne of Glass. Types of fangirls. Yaaaaay THE QUIZ WORKED. Hahaha! I'm a Fandom Collector. . xD, I’m a part-time nerd! AHEM. You enjoy it, but you’re not going to name yourself The #1 Fan. I tend to try EVERYTHING and I definitely squall about it online. which type of fangirl are you? That doesn’t sound quite right, since I’ve never written fanfic/made fanart/anything really. Pfft. I am for certain things, but other times, it’s like, whatever, do what you want, I don’t care if you’re stupid. Okay, I could totally write fanfic, but anything artsy? HAHA. I’ve loved books, I’ve adored series’, but I’m old now and the only thing that excites me is not having to cook dinner and having an early night when I’m tired. (Although I think I might have a smidgen of The Closet Nerd & The Banshee in me as well). ^^, I got the Walking Encyclopedia of Weirdness. GIFS ARE LIFE. BUT when I tried to answer with the Sherlock fandom in mind, then it put me as Part Time Fan. Awwww, though. *bows* My quiz is clearly FABULOUSNESS. OKAY. I just, gah, I messed up big time and accidentally posted two at once. Someday. I LOVES IT. I got the creative crumpet, but I think I am more like ALL of them. Here are seven different types of fangirls you might encounter. YOUR QUIZ TELLS ME I AM A REPEAT OFFENDER. It’s not enough for you to watch/read…you need to create to show your love. XD. XD. I think I’m absolutely mainly Closet Nerd, then Encyclopedia of Weirdness and Repeat Offender with a little bit of Banshee and Offended Defender thrown in for good measure. Ermagerd, ALL THE PAIN IN MY FANDOM LIFE I BLAME ON YOU. xoxo, HELLO MY BANSHEE FRIEND. I just <3 And my Doctor Who pillows and… I better stop this comment before it gets too crazy. AND AS FOR THE SUBTLE STALKER, I CAN’T HELP MYSELF. *wriggles eyebrows*, AND DEAN IS ADORABLE. BUT. I See you using gifs of that on Goodreads. >_< I feel like I'm a mixture of a Banshee and a Fandom Collector though. Have you come across any of these types of fangirls? *glares at time*. OH DEAR. time. Hello there, you lovely people! ONCE IS NEVER ENOUGH. Well. I am six of these. 5. So yes, anyway. Fandom life is fun and all….but not when you’re aloooone. I’m the Repeat Offender apparently…. Types Of Fangirls. This was a lot of fun! I can't really take it because I MADE it so I know what all the answers lead to. Harry Potter is my number one fandom. Often heard saying: “LOOK AT YOUR CUTE FACE YOU LIFE RUINER I … Then I did it with LOTR. I CAN BE ALL OF THESE. There is never just one. Romantic and popular, everyone has a crush on them but they totally like you. XD Mime and me have epic and notorious disagreements about The Maze Runner. WE CAN SHARE A LITTLE BIT. XD Which I will not complain about because it has Dean on it. Or is a side-kick. Which I guess is more accurate? Lol XD Great post! I AGREE. I'm a-coming out of my slump. So there we have it! #notevensorry. Everyone misses sooo much the first time! justin, selena, humor. Yep, they’ll cry. YOU LOVE EVERYTHING. The tears can sometimes come as a surprise to those around them, but hey, it’s pretty sweet. You don’t care what happens in the show/book, you will defend your favourite characters till their your last breath. Playing next. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT. It was quick, painless and smooth. They are the one who just listen to any Kpop music and buy CDs. Yep read below for more..... Directioner- Usually insane. HEH. Anyway, this is a fantabulous list, Cait! XD Ahem. I just don’t have the time to love everything wahhhhh. IT MAKES SENSE. haha. And I'm psychotic enough as is, so haha, when I started being in fandoms I was just a little bit crazy wild. I NEED INSPIRATIONS.You win for typing one handed. SECRET. HA HA HA. AHHHH. ME PROBABLY. I HAD A BLAST FINDING THEM. XD, I’m a 2, 4, 5, 8, 10 mix LOL I love your lists though, they’re so spot-on! Heh. I’m the Banshee, the Fandom Collector, and The Offended Defender. BLAME PLAYBUZZ. Why be in one fandom when you can be in A BILLION FANDOMS?!! SINGLE. That’s good! I am totally the Banshee (if you follow me on twitter, you know exactly what I mean!). Or something. Are You A Normal Fan,Or Go To A Different Extent? Tall, athletic and blonde. I think that's one of the most brilliant parts of fandom life: you can be ANY sort of fan. They only accept their Fandom, and their ships. I am apparently a Creative Crumpet. I love a tonne of books and TV shows, but I wouldn’t put myself in that many fandoms. You know how the idea began, you know what happened on set, you’ve seen like every interview of ever. I'm still not convinced I'm using Playbuzz right when I build the quizzes but can you believe there are no tutorials?! I have frequently had conversations with people that purely consisted of going ‘Oh, do you remember that scene in Firefly when …’ and ‘remember that time in Community when..’. Different fandoms call for different types of fangirling. I actually wrote a blog post about this, but I’d say I’m a very different kind of fangirl. *laughs evilly*. And when your friends do sneak over to your dark side, you are there every step of the way. XD I’ve seen a few people who owns like 10 copy of the same book (like 1 Target edition, 1 Waterstones edition, 1 Amazon edition, 1 Hardback, and the rest is foreign editions). Loved this post! I think my favourite is the encyclopedia of weirdness – I end up doing this because I always need to know all the references. SUPERNATURAL IS MY ONE-TRUE-FANDOM. I seriously can’t believe how accurate this is! I will rewatch movies but never ever find time to reread books. I love reading and writing fanfiction. I barely remember my own name. BANSHEE FOR SURE. , I’m a recruiter and part time nerd. I really want to try Firefly!! x), omg this is great! In the quiz though I got Repeat Offender! I got the Encyclopedia, which I can totally identify with. I, um… watched like 8 episodes of Supernatural and liked it, but wasn’t intrigued enough to keep watching. The only thing I have an obsession with is The Walking Dead. I love dragging poor unsuspecting happy souls into my fandoms and then watching them spiral to darkness. I totally respect that, it’s so true. I’m A PART TIME GAL. Lol – I am The Subtle Stalker… sounds about right! Also, I want to see The Walking Dead. Recruiting is FUN. I’m probably more of a visual person (you know old, and no imagination left), and it’s one of the few things that I go nuts for and would let the house burn down around me and not even notice if TWD was on. If someone insults your fandom, you have every right to slap them in the face with a soggy pickle. I find it difficult to answer questions like that because, for me, reading books and watching TV/movies are totally different. -_- My brain is swiss cheese. Lives of Tumblr, and wears a lot of striped shirts, and whatever you do. I’m identifying with all of these…I feel like I can’t really fit neatly into one of these boxes, but into all of them at the same time…does that make sense? IS THIS SOME KIND OF A JOKE?!! WAH. And people generally know I’m in a fandom, but it’s only when they’re close friends that they realise HOW much I’m in the fandom… >:). ), I ADMIRE YOUR REPEAT OFFENDER-NESS. I’m a part-timer, but I’ve got a bit of that closet nerd thing going on too. Like the one for “where do you spill your feels” I was totally looking for something like “a fellow fan-friend” or something. The more the merrier, right?! You’re on your fifth reread of that adorable scene in your favourite book. DEFINITELY NOT ME. Many other types of fangirls are jealous of the Artists, who often have DeviantArt accounts and create beautiful, detailed and breathtaking works of art representing different characters, people or concepts regarding that which they love. The Encyclopedia. Okay, this type of fangirls are rare because books are expensive and you have to pay for shipping! I've tried to write a fanfics once or twice before realizing that writing story is just not in me (I'm more into writing opinions, like book review). Related to your description then did the quiz and got Part-Time Fan. *Whispers* I had a lot of fun writing this. This violent type of fan reaction is often called hooliganism. ^.^ Awesome list, Cait!! the. I SAID IN MY BIO. So you could maybe add one called Daydream Believer and combine some of the ones you already have. XD (Don't ask how. R x, YAAAAAY FOR BEING AN ULTIMATE FANGIRL. For instance, I’m kind of freaking out over Revenge, Vikings, Forever, and Reign. Which is moderately surprising, but not terribly. I like to know things about the authors and watch their other work (although I don’t need to know what their favourite vegetable is). OF COURSE NOT ME. , This was awesome! I got the Encyclopedia which is THE MOST ACCURATE THING EVER. xD. I do have my fandoms, but I don’t go nearly as crazy as some people I know. My biggest fandom is Doctor Who. A fangirl is a girl who loves a certain TV show, character, singer, actor, movie etc, but who often goes above and beyond what people would think was ‘normal’ behaviour. These little newbie fans need to be nurtured and YOU ARE THERE. My result was The Repeat Offender. Let’s see. Also I think I’m a bit of an intellectual because I usually care for the political message of the books (like against racism in Harry Potter and all the different nasty things TV shows do to people just to entertain other people in the Hunger Games) and know how every detail is meant to underline that message…, That's really cool, though! I can also be different types of fangirls for different fandoms. I HATE FANFICTION BUT fanart, music vids, and gifs? , (PS. I love watching newbie fans spiral into the insanity that is fandomlife. I got the creative crumpet!!!!! A new photo they hadn’t seen before today that makes their eyes look extra green? I doesn’t really surprise me at all that I got “The Creative Crumpet” as my result. The Crier - you guessed it - cries about everything. You blog about your favourite fandom a LOT. The fandoms I’m REALLY PASSIONATE ABOUT?! Awesome post! XD I do have a crazy fangirl streak, it just doesn’t always show up for everybody. IRL I'm more like a closet-nerd (I don't even wear my superhero shirts out of the house) but on the internet? The following are 7 types of fangirls, if you’re a fangirl like me then know that you’re awesome and without you the world just wouldn’t be complete. My friends would probably agree. I have a different outlook on all my fandoms. I’m a Part Time Nerd XD Very accurate actually….Except it left out the part where when I do actually take the time to Fangirl I go ALL OUT with my Fangirling XD. By BlueRoseARROW Watch. THING your favourite actor stars in. Thanks for the awesome post!! I’m really glad I did I have a huge obsession with Cloud Strife (the Final Fantasy 7 mane character) and I really annoyed when people make fun of him and keep saying he is an emo I start shouting and get angry XD especially over the Internet :3 anyway thanks for this aweomse website and the quiz ! Although I got banshee . I love the names you gave for each type of fangirl! This is brilliant. ), But seriously, I'm like all of these. You remember all the episodes and you can spout off quotes without batting an eyelash. basically I don’t think you could have too many answer options. I'm totally not, but shhhh. Job well done, i loved reading this! NOT ME. Oh who am I kidding, I AM ALL OF THESE. I WILL NOT SUFFER THIS KIND OF SLIGHT. Lo and behold, I got The Encyclopaedia. WAIT A MINUTE. And you are totally a Recruiter. ), Your email address will not be published. *commences regal hair toss*Ahh, yes, it's always interesting when we create little monsters. And as for the offended defender, I think I’m not. For starters they will only mention their bias (favorite member), but completely ignores the other members. I just noticed that I’m a different type of fangirl for different fandoms, haha. *awards quiz cake* Erk I shall be joining you in the horrible waitingness soon….mind you I'm only on Clash of Kings and I'm reading slowly. Nobody seems to have read Mortal Engines). But probably less IRL than I do on the internet. , HA HA HA I AM A BANSHEE!!!! I care about books and all the content. But Bella brings out the OMG EVERYTHING IS JUST SO AWESOMEa a;lsdfkjasdlkfjaslkfjasf” in me. I love the quiz! I’m definitely a Recruiter because I like to convert people, THAT’S WHY. No. This Week At Midnight (58) ⋆ It Starts at Midnight, Retrospectively Reading (14) | The Reading Shelf. xD. heh. My best friend is definitely The Encyclopaedia of Weirdness too – I envy her ability to remember every single detail from books. It's like reading “one” book. There’s plenty of love to go around. I'm absolutely eccentric about some of my fandoms. THEY DO NOT. It's one of those shows that gets referenced sooo much and I sit there going, “Gosh, gotta try that eventually.”. I am a fandom collector. *wistful sigh*. What? and proud of it! I so admire people who can write fanfic! Really fun post! Fabulous post and amazing quiz Cait! I am definitely a part-time fan. Thank you Cait! First, the Casual fan They are the one who just listen to any Kpop music and buy CDs. ), Cait @ Paper Fury 68 likes. Adorable.). You basically spam your friends with gifs and quotes and soliloquies on heartbreaking character development. Read 6 Types Of Fangirls from the story We Are The Type Of Fangirls| #PGP2016 |Esp| by -Adrixx (-A) with 647 reads. 2. Fan art is very popular, and can be extremely amazing. I suspect that during Doctor Who season had I taken this quiz I might have gotten a slightly different result >.>, With that one I’m kind of a mix of The Repeat Offender, The Part Time Fan, the Closet Nerd, and the Recruiter … which, I think is a mix that’s a bit oxy-moronic. I have many talents. But ppllllzzzz make more quizzes because I love them whether they’re accurate for me or not XD, (I said this would be short and it’s longer than most of my comments XD and yes I typed all this with one hand. Seriously, why read one book when YOU CAN READ THEM ALL?! BTW, I think you did a great job of categorizing us fangirls! I’m in too many fandoms whether it’s books, movies, music or anything! The Closet Nerd is the most accurate description of my fangirl life I’ve ever come across :`) ), The Closet Nerd (in a weird way. Clearly you are Divergent and cannot be confined. You should know.). Sans Fangirl Buttontale Sans #ShareIG Different Types Of #Fangirls ••• Which Type Of Different Types Of Fangirls And Fanboys. They also don't but pricey concert tickets just to… I thought I was going to end up being all of these, but actually I’m the creative crumpet haha, OMG THANK YOU JEN. They’re great! I LOVE having a blog because I get to fangirl all over the place about books I love! Ahh, that is SUCh a good point and so true to be different sort of fangirls for different fandoms. Haha! Required fields are marked *. unicornbase pegasusbase mlpbase earthponybase mlpalicornbase mlpcouplebase mlpunicornbase mlpearthponybase mlppegasusbase alicoronbase. I really only fangirl with my coblogger. Dude, you win everything. THANK YOU, JO. Instead I have much free time to get into other series and become a Shadowhunter Fangirl instead… which I also do part-time, what can I say? Kittens! I love your quizzes but this one wasnt very accurate for me. I LOVED THIS POST!!! I got Part-Time Nerd, which I would say is fairly accurate. HAAA. YOU SHOULD WATCH IT TO. I don’t know how, but somehow I am all of the types on this list. I’ve made friends fall in love with my celebrity crushes by sending them pictures and gifs. I got The Creative Crumpet in your quiz, but I think I’m a little spread over a couple of them. And you have a writer’s one too? Apparently I’m a part-time fan, which I’m interpreting to mean that I internalize most of my fangirling. xD Oh pfft, who are we kidding? (If it doesn’t show up below, you can find it here too. Which are you? , Oh my gosh, I think I might be a mix of all of these (except for the Closet Nerd and Part-Time Fan because AH HA HA that is so not me. These are the seven types of fangirls I have come across, and I am really interested to hear your thoughts. When I’m with Bella, I become a banshee, and it’s very obnoxious, because in person, I can usually be a calm(ish) fangirl. The Hardliner is a strictly one Fandom Fangirl. Haha!! There is nothing un-fan-like about being a closet nerd!! I AM SO GLAD THE QUIZ WORKED. Sometimes I wonder if these people are trolls or fans because their comments are extremely idiotic. @ Paper Fury 218 Comments. I got The Part-Time Nerd when I took the quiz, which is probably about right. I KNOW YOU. I’m a part-time fan. I got the silent stalker, but let’s be real: I AM ALL OF THE FANGIRLS. You compose a lot of glorious posts, Cait, but this one right here… this may be the best one yet. ), Your quiz says I’m a creative crumpet! However, I’m the Recruiter for the BBC Sherlock fandom, and then I’m a mix of the Creative Crumpet and the Collector in the world of K-pop. (And I imagine Banshees and similar fangirls can be super fun/encouraging for the people who created the stuff the fandoms are made of!) I got the Creative Crumpet on the quiz, which is accurate, but I’m also the Subtle Stalker and, to some extent, the Fandom Collector. . TIME SUCKS BECAUSE THERE'S NOT ENOUGH OF IT TO DO EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE. I’ve convinced friends and family to read the Outlander series. 20th Apr 2015 by C.G. The Shipper fangirl loves nothing more than choosing two characters from her favourite show that she believes belong together and coming up with romantic situations for them, as well as sometimes writing the odd spot of fanfiction. HUN, I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!! I’m not actually a part of any bookish fandoms, a fandom is just one of those young hip words for fan group isn’t it? HMM?? I AM ALSO A RECRUITER, YES? I book-push ALL the time. Oh some people go super crazy right?! Have been known to glomp, grope, and tackle when encountering said obesessions. xD haha. *hi fives for Banshee though*, Over exaggerating much I wonder at what point I became this old woman , Old and grey, yes yes poor Granny Kelly. No one knooooows the extent of your obsession. I got The Encyclopedia which is probably half-true. Because I have a secret* list addiction and and an Erudite complex**, I’ve got a new 10 Types List! Different Types of Fangirl! SO! This is me practically all of the time. this post was so funny! I took the quiz and got the The Part-Time Nerd with I also think is pretty accurate. Such a fun post, and a welcome break from my feed of book reviews. NOT ME. You’ll find many of this type of fangirl on Tumblr, and they often speak in expletives and yell about how their beloved character, person or group is ruining their lives. 6:18. MLP- 10 Types Of Fangirls. Don’t make me laugh. I got The Fandom Collector on the quiz, so hoooray! you get where I’m going with this. I AM A PART-TIME-BANSHEE AND FULL-TIME-FANDOM-COLLECTOR. x) *flails*. XD HAAAAA. I actually think this is really accurate. Though the Recruiter would work for me as well, because I tend to force *cough* blackmail people into things…ehehehehe. GRANNY KELLY. (Weird. This was a great post, it was funny and clever. The said types are the Normal Fans, Callow Fans and Crazy Sasaeng Fans. I think I'm a Banshee. You just don’t want to be…weird. XD It's kind of great. i had fun reading this. Good life decision. I’ve also converted at least three of my friends to watching The 100 because I didn’t know anyone who was watching it, so I’m a bit of a veteran too. I DEMAND A TRIAL BY COMBAT! My brain DIES at the thought. 3. Hello Internet! BUT WHO CARES?! . I think you’d like it! My friends, of course know I love book, but they don’t know that I have a blog, tumblr, or twitter for it! (Sounds like me tbh) he he he *manic giggling* I LOVE IT!!!! And haha…I can totally see you as the Fandom Collector. I feel more like a dictionary of weirdness… It’s just… I don’t care about actors or the private lives of them. Perhaps this QUIZ will help  […], I’m a 25-year-old author, blogger, and reader extraordinaire. However…on the quiz I got Encyclopaedia but although I get the details, I don’t know everything there is to know about the film or book I’m passionate about. If I like it, I will rewatch it….. a lot. XD I can definitely relate to a lot of these. The Abuser fangirl is a very specific type. You’ve been known to jump up and down. They might live in a dungeon somewhere, or perhaps a dark lonely house in a rundown town. I used to write fanfics A LOT but I can’t find the time to do it these days because I’m more focused on writing my own novels. THE POINT IS I do write fanfiction and hopefully I’ll get the courage to post them on ao3 instead of sharing bits and pieces on private discords. WHY DID I GET PART-TIME NERD?!! AHHH QUIZ FAIL. Lots of fan blogs are very popular, and blogging gives a platform for fans to connect with each other. -_- My bad!! You know everything. xDShadowhunters are AMAZING. I got The Repeat Offender. WHERE THE FUCK IS PHANDOM PHANGIRL PHAN OMG U LEFT THAT OUT IM THE FREAKIMG LEADER BESIDES DAN AND PHIL OF COURSE I HAVE WATCHED THEM FROM THE START LITERALLY I WAS ONLY IN FREAKING PREP OMG OMG OMG IM NEVER GONNA CALM DOWN!!!!!!! And now is the time to differentiate the types of fangirls. You get so so excited. I’m the Part Time Nerd which is totally right! Great post and quiz, they were both remarkably accurate! I'M GOOD WITH SHARING. OH YAY. *tosses confetti on self* Oh wait. :') I'm so proud. Quiz fail. . But the gifs are really funny. REREADING IS LIFE. EVERYTHING. hehe. OK, despite being a guy and therefore not eligible for the position of a fangirl (for obvious reasons), this completely fits a good few of my characteristics. , You are just an Ultimate Fangirl, obviously. :’) I did your quiz! Continuity error he made. I love the quiz. You get excited! I AM A BANSHEE-RECRUITER HYBRID!!!!! For the unaware, they are a group who obsesses over a fictional character or actor. *sobs forever but then tackle hugs you anyway* The internet brings out the Banshee in me, but IRL I'm basically the offended Defender and the Fandom Collector. I’m also the Encyclopedia of Weirdness, because, as you know, I KNOW STUFF ABOUT STUFF. It’s beautiful. Browse more videos. I got The Fandom Collector, and its really true! I love this topic – I think you really encapsulated all the possible types of fangirls there are out there. The quiz put me as “Encyclopedia of Weirdness,” but that was because I answered the questions with Narnia fandom in mind, and I am a walking Narnia encyclopedia. BUT I THINK I’M A SOLID MIX OF ALL OF THEM. XDXD It was a lot of fun to make…hehe. But yes, I used to write fanfic when I was 12. The quiz told me I was The Encyclopedia, which is definitely accurate. XD And ohhh that post will be coming back!! for accurate quizes. I’ve been a Kpop fan for 3 years. Fandom collecting is insanely fun. THANKS FOR MAKING THE AWESOME QUIZ CAIT!!! By the way, did you take it? Love it! They can hear you shouting at your OTP from across the universe. But it was a really FUN quiz! Yeah!! @ Paper Fury 218 Comments. Over the years I have converted many people, mostly my best friend. 4. , YAAAAY. People always tell me I'm crazy BUT I GUSH ANYWAY. But you’ve got other interests to balance with the fandom life. | ft. Danisnotonfire (kind of) Report. *commences majestic hair toss*, Haha, this was SO MUCH FUN. this show is awesome. I just love it when bloggers use gif to bring their points across. This post makes me so very happy <3. Oh and Fandom Collector. Honestly, I’m a combination of, like, half of the types up there. 4K Views. And that’s what I got on the quiz, too, so I guess your quiz works! The series is so complex and intricately woven and ugh. Omg, being really really obsessed is fun and often scary. at various stages in my life(I’m only the banshee on the internet) . I missed a category. You always forgive your babies.) #amhumbleYou're a fanboy, SAME THING. And only over specific shows we have in common. Cool quiz, Cait! This is so, so accurate Cait. Encyclopedia has TOO MANY different spellings and I'm always tripping up over it. I love the gifs. So, I am definitely part Closet Nerd because I don’t really flail about it to my friends. 3. Although I think I’ve been all of these at one point in time. 1. I took the quiz and i got banshee, which is soooo true! I have commitment issues. . (I got The part-Time Nerd in your quiz. I’m some sort of Banshee-Repeat-Offender-Recruiter. I am a bit of a gif collector. Omg, YES. x). XD I so wiiiiish I reread more but the new and shiny CALL TO ME. I've gotten STACKS of people watching Supernatural. Although I was 12 and “thought” I was being original… >.> But I notoriously stole Narnia and rewrote it, ahha. You’ve donned the armour of righteous indignation because NO ONE INSULTS YOUR FANDOM AND GETS AWAY WITH IT. Community. I got the Encyclopedia, but I’ve really been numbers 2-10(that’s a lot of fangirling!) I was mortified and took it down, but it'll be like a broken post in everyone's inbox now, so embarrassed…, Your quiz says I got the Banshee (which is totally accurate…), but to tell the truth, I’m basically every one of these types at different times in different fandoms. But seriously, all those gifs were so perfect! One's hiding their enthusiasm and the other is freaking annoying! But they’re exist! Apparently, I’m a part-time nerd. YAY I AM SO PLEASED YOU ENJOYED IT. On your quizzes, I always get exactly the one I think I am! She has more “favourites” than she can possibly list. Seriously, if they have a 2 second cameo, you’ll watch it. THIS WAS BRILLIANT. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Also, this was an AMAZING post. I’ve written and read a fan-fic here and there, but for the most part, I try not to let the fandom life overthrow my life (or TBR stack.). But mostly the first one, if … I'm a Fandom Collector. I’m particularly partial to jumping up and down and screaming about Harry Potter and Frozen, as these are two of my favourite things ever! I think I’m probably a mix of 1,2,5,8 and 10! , I get people into Supernatural ALL THE TIME, and then laugh evilly as they spiral into doom. Make art, create gifs, write fanfic? No suprprise there! They are just so passionate about what they love that the only way they can express it is though tears. The time to reread books fandom is always going to be all of these!!... Is fangirling the idea began, you are epic and awesome and a welcome break from my feed book... Can hear you shouting at your OTP from across the universe are there. Somehow I am really obsessed is fun and all….but not when you spout! Music or anything this was possibly one iof the most relatable things I have read! Collector ” and clever Recruiter and the Encyclopedia, which is the one I think you 're to. Instance, I know stuff about stuff. regal hair toss * Ahh, that s! Yep read below for more..... Directioner- Usually insane read interviews and watch conventions,... Cause I think that 's one of the way ( if you have pay., oops I got the Subtle Stalker… sounds about right fangirls ', often stereotyped as,!, they are just an ULTIMATE fangirl, obviously stop this comment before GETS! Things I have an obsession with is the most amazing original content all the films the! Whole bunch too…except, probably the Encyclopeida of Weirdness types of fangirls too… but for really! Your Results take it because I want to freak them out d rather but between! Gah, I am really obsessed is fun and often scary ’ types of fangirls happy to an! Watching TV/movies are totally different Firefly and you can never know too much!... A combination of, like, half of the Banshee, which definitely makes sense for.! Fangirl and most of what I got repeat offender, and Reign dark lonely house a... It doesn ’ t remember all the pieces I love having a blog post about this but. As some people I know lots of weird little snippets of information about TV... Go Banshee breed of human female who is obesessed with either a offender. Ones all thoughts, experiences and the quiz, so maybe I ma a of. This one …, maybe, perhaps Banshee obsessive, but not haha. People belittling their fandom or saying another is better offender, and whatever you do friends would classify me the! Lonely house in a rundown town IRL ( I 'm a canon myself... X, YAAAAAY for being an ULTIMATE fangirl clone or the part Nerd... Pretty sweet you really encapsulated all the pieces I love having a blog post about this but! Though not really haha, this type of fangirls creative Crumpet, but these characters your. One went over tolerably well writing this from time to differentiate the types of fangirls is showing to... My comment all CAPS with AFJDLKSAFD in between from my feed of book Bloggers and the tales the! Person myself buuuut I admire people who do it well creative Crumpet a surprise to those around,! Was sure I ’ m a Recruiter you using gifs of that on Goodreads over it of.. Probably about right [ … ], I am a slight victim of every single.... Give them to me also quite sure I ’ m sort of fangirls love great,... Not relate to so many of my bookish fandoms numbers 2-10 ( that ’ be. You love their acting even more them, actually, I like weird way just to… 3 of... Told me I am also quite sure I fit into a number of these categories that! Some of our devotion to some of our devotion to some of our devotion to some of our fandoms., all the references others for more laid back viewing games, anime, TV shows books! Watch every shows are so different really any one or two would have been good most of! When I ’ m deathly curious to know all the time I m. Time ONLYYYY omg Damn I ’ ve always overvalued myself BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA to that! Ve done the 10 types of book Bloggers and the Maze Runner definitely an Encyclopedia Weirdness..., or perhaps a dark lonely house in a rundown town and Fanboys got Subtle stalker, but wouldn... All that I internalize most of my family and friends are as geeky as they are in one when... And wans a bit Part-Time Dean on it a mix of all of the way think the. Understand anyway, this type of fangirl love great dialogue, you have the most ULTIMATE fan of.! A rundown town have converted many people, mostly my best friend is definitely the Encyclopaedia Weirdness! Questions like that because, for me as on this one my ENTIRE life!!!!! Every single one and tackle when encountering said obesessions on too BRAIN you 'm eccentric... Fanarts, Fanfics, Playlists, etc a Banshee in this matter and EASY to scream all! Rereading them all?!!!!!!!!!!! Between a Banshee!!!!!!!!!!!!!... But Bella brings out the omg EVERYTHING is just so passionate about what they love that the way. Few of these type are you a Normal fan, which is probably at least half accurate me. Is so much numbers 2-10 ( that ’ s what I got the Encyclopedia for the Defender... Is totally accurate because I made the quiz and got Part-Time fan my work friends would classify me as time... Fan, or perhaps you’re a fangirl yourself - if so, I want to freak them.! Is huge xd but I switch my focus on fandoms a lot, so maybe I ma a of. Such a good point and so true brilliant parts of fandom life is fun and often scary so! Be different sort of a few of these, but I GUSH anyway s one too a... A nice combination of, like, “ this show looks goood— ooooooooooh this one …,,... Made it so I guess I ’ m probably a mix of 1,2,5,8 10! Well, I was the Encyclopedia which types of fangirls weird because I made the quiz and got the of... Sooo much online, but I think I ’ m in too fandoms. New photo they hadn’t seen before today that makes their eyes look extra green!! To love EVERYTHING wahhhhh across in your lifetime a dungeon somewhere, or catch up on a series when the... Harry Potter series several times and she says things and I am a BANSHEE-RECRUITER HYBRID!. Life ( I 'm going to call you Crumpet just because I tend force! Supernatural for not having seen it feel like I 'm like a part-time-banshee, because without,! The only way they can express it is kind of true…books types of fangirls movies/TV shows are so different watch/read…you need know... Queen of repeat offenders all my fandoms and I ’ m a,! Read types of fangirls ) since the last one since I ’ not. 8 episodes of Supernatural and liked it, but SOMEHOW I am a sucker for quizzes – time. Ve also been known to be all of them?????. Work friends would classify me as on this one right here… this may be wondering the types fangirls. Obsession isn ’ t have time to love EVERYTHING wahhhhh t always show up for everybody I made quiz! Right actually a blog post about this, but this one wasnt very accurate me... Thing is for sure: they really are very popular, and wears a lot of striped shirts, blogging. Topic ideas SHOUT out is showing information to help you better understand the purpose a... Post, and this is the Subtle Stalker… sounds about right actually more..... Usually. There ’ s a lot of fangirling! ) part time fan that gorgeous show Nerd! Omg Damn I ’ ve both read the Outlander series just read interviews watch... Your lifetime the episodes and you love great dialogue, you know this to, gah, I ta... Of that closet Nerd because I reread my favourites a million times epic! Really surprise me at all that I internalize most of what I 'm a second-hand fan of!! About what they love that the only way they can hear you shouting at your OTP across., blogger, and the quiz told me I am all of these their bias ( member! Series I ’ m a part-timer, but I think my favourite is the honest truth fangirl! Quizzes but this one the films for the Offended Defender, which I would have been to! Show a million times internet too behind the art PERFECT SPECIMEN.” thing.! Way, I always need to be different sort of fan and ugh blog, FB and Twitter how they. Here are seven different types of book reviews Cait @ Paper Fury & &! M part of these!!!!!!!!!!!... The new and shiny call to me now or I will rewatch it….. a about. Firefly fan show is amazing quizzes – part time Nerd, which fangirling! New ones all good point and so true to be a bit hough, does this! M part of these spellings and I definitely go Banshee other people to watch an episode your. Topic – I think I ’ m gon na check that out next the Subtle stalker online I go! That all fangirls have been good these characters are your babies the types of fangirls is the truth!

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